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DLM Salted Artisan Butter

DLM Salted Artisan Butter



8 oz
A Better Butter

Our DLM Salted Artisan Butter is made with A2 Guernsey Milk and is 87% butterfat. The cows are grass-pastured and feed on non-GMO forage. The farmers never use antibiotics, growth hormones, or chemical fertilizers—ever. It has a touch of salt for a rich and luxurious experience.


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Average Customer Rating:

Nov 25th 2022
Verified Purchase

Ideal for any menu.

- Barbara

Dorothy Lane Market says:

We agree! Thank you Barbara for the order and the feedback. 

Sep 29th 2022
Verified Purchase

delicious and creamy


Jan 24th 2022
Verified Purchase

- Joseph (Bronx, NY)

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