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DLM Artisan Sourdough Pumpernickel Bread 24 oz

DLM Artisan Sourdough Pumpernickel Bread 24 oz



24 oz
A New Way to Love Local

Using our sourdough starter, our cadre of artisan bakers add locally grown rye chops from Branstrator Farm as well as a touch of rich molasses for a touch of sweetness. This loaf features the delicious tang of our classic sourdough accompanied by the deep flavor of pumpernickel making it the perfect choice for crafting Reuben sandwiches or slathering with goat cheese or cream cheese along with a little sweet jam.


Join the Local Grain Movement

As we continue to grow our artisan bread program, we're diving deeper into our local roots with some of our area farmers.

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Beneath the Crust of Our Artisan Bread

When you bite into our DLM Artisan Bread, you know that it’s something special baked from scratch using old-world methods, natural fermentation, and time-honored techniques.

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Behind the Scenes at the DLM Bakehouse

The DLM Bakehouse is an around-the-clock operation and a true sight to behold with bakers perfectly proofing, scoring, and baking bread, rolls, and bagels all night long.

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