DLM Artisan Challah Bread

DLM Artisan Challah Bread



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It's Tradition!

DLM Artisan Challah Bread is a traditional bread crafted with a simple dough made with eggs, water, flour, yeast, and salt, giving it a bright yellowish hint from the egg yolks. Our artisan bakers then braid the dough and bake it until perfectly golden.

Pro Tip: It makes the best French Toast ever!


Challah refers to the mitzvah (a blessing or good deed) of separating out a portion of the dough before you begin braiding as a contribution to the Kohen (priest). This commandment is called the hafrashat challah. Challah is pronounced haa-luh (no ch sounds here).

Challah has long been a symbolic centerpiece for a Rosh Hashanah spread. It’s at the heart of many Jewish celebrations, including Shabbat and Purim, but is a comforting year round.  

A Look Behind the Scenes of the DLM Bakehosue

When you bite into our DLM Artisan Bread, you know that it’s something special baked from scratch using old-world methods, natural fermentation, and time-honored techniques.

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Fresh Bread Care & Handling

DLM Artisan Bread is baked and meant to be enjoyed the same day. We understand it's not always realistic to enjoy your bread by day's end, so here are some guidelines to refresh it when needed.

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Aug 1st
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Delicious. Soft and light. Made wonderful toast!

- Stacey (Vandalia, OH)

Dorothy Lane Market says:

That's a great idea for this bread. Thank you Stacey! 

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