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DLM Albacore Tuna With Jacobson Sea Salt & EVOO

DLM Albacore Tuna With Jacobson Sea Salt & EVOO



7.5 oz
Hook, Line, & Sinker

Young sustainable, hook and line caught Albacore tuna from the Oregon coast is canned locally in olive oil and Jacobsen Sea Salt. DLM Albacore Tuna With Jacobson Sea Salt & EVOO is tender, juicy, and high in Omega-3s making it a premium canned tuna pick. Add this tinned fish to salads, wraps, sandwiches, and more.


This premium wild-caught albacore tuna is caught off the coast of Oregon. These fish have spent their years in deep water and migrate in the fall to the Oregon-Washington coast. The firm, white fleshed fish are then line caught from small fishing boats.

The tuna is hand-packed for Dorothy Lane Market in a community supported fishery micro-cannery in Garibaldi, Oregon. Canned with just three simple local ingredients, we like to think that this is the way canned tuna should be: tuna, locally pressed virgin olive oil, and Jacobsen Sea Salt from Portland, Oregon. Using the area's local fishery ensures targeting smaller fish, which are low in mercury, high in Omega 3 oils, and certified Dolphin Safe. Enjoy this mild, great tasting tuna from a very limited production knowing you are supporting a community of fisherman doing what they love!

Try DLM Albacore Tuna in our recipe for Pasta With Tuna, Capers, and Herbs!

Tender noodles tossed with a deeply-flavored sauce, tuna, briny capers, and fresh herbs.

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A Deeper Dive Into DLM Albacore Tuna

Experience what we think canned tuna should be with our premium line of tinned wild-caught albacore tuna. Line caught off the coast of Oregon from small fishing boats, this firm, white fleshed fish has a mild, clean flavor.

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