Coro Lemongrass Salami Chub - 5 oz

Coro Lemongrass Salami Chub - 5 oz


The Far East Meets European Tradition

The Far East was the inspiration behind Coro Lemongrass Salami, which shows how well lemongrass gets along on the playground with other spices. This piccolo salami chub is 5 oz and 7 inches long by 1.6 inches wide.

Suggested Pairings: Floral pale ale, Pinot Grigio, Stilton with mango, and perfect for your next Bánh Mì Sandwich.


Why Coro?

Coro is the Italian word for chorus. It speaks to the wonderful chorus of craveable flavors in everything they make at Coro, but also the chorus of people and harmony of craft it takes to create such delight in each bite. For over 20 years they have been exploring the world of salumi by using the finest ingredients to create unique and inventive flavors. This is what sets them apart from the rest. But to bring those flavors to life calls for a combination of art, attention, skill, and patience. They use intentional ingredients and an innovative process with results that will excite your taste buds and bring joy to your eating experience.  

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