California Dreamin'

California Dreamin'



3 ct
About This Gift

California Dreamin' combines two of our favorite West Coast essentials: Equator Coffee and Enzo's Table Biscotti. Dipping and dunking are encouraged as these are a perfect match.


Equator Coffees Mocha Java: Equator Coffees from Marin County, California, set out to prove that coffee can be better. From the roasting and brewing methods to the sourcing, Equator Coffee endeavors to make a high-impact coffee company focused on quality and sustainability. The coffees are served in Thomas Keller's Restaurants (and if they are good enough for the French Laundry, they are good enough for us). Mocha Java Fair Trade Organic Coffee is a medium roast coffee sourced from Ethiopia. This rich and full-bodied coffee balances out the nuanced components to create a complex and smooth blend with just the right amount of fruit. Tasting notes include dark chocolate, almond, and berries.

Enzo's Table Biscotti: These award winning biscotti are from the Ricchiuti Family in California, makers of olive oil and almond products. Traditional Italian Biscotti vary from region to region in Italy. This twice-baked hand-rolled favorite is subtly sweet, nut-filled, crunchy and layered with flavor. Biscotti are typically intended to dunk in coffee, espresso and wine. This Traditional Almond flavor is made with fresh roasted estate grown California almonds blended with rich vanilla to create a classic, subtly sweet biscotti. These Chocolate Almonds Biscotti are laden with highly acclaimed Guittard Chocolate and fresh California Estate grown roasted almonds to create the ultimate indulgence.

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