All-American Road Trip Picnic

All-American Road Trip Picnic


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Road trip! Take a culinary adventure with this foodie road trip featuring great American producers. From artisan charcuterie and cheeses to handcrafted jams and popcorn, this gift has everything you need for a generous picnic for two. Just add in some sweet strawberries, peaches, or grapes for the perfect picnic in the park. 

Add on our DLM Black Cooler Tote for the complete picnic experience.


Firehook Rosemary Crackers are hand crafted in Virginia with the fewest fine ingredients to give you the best flavor. Wheat, salt, olive oil, and spices - that's it. These super light and crunchy crackers with bold rosemary and a sprinkling of sea salt are the perfect vessel for classic runny cheeses such as triple-crème brie or soft goat camembert, or serve alongside your favorite chicken soup.

Eat This Yum! Blackberry Rosemary Jam is a luxurious jam made in Pennsylvania with great care. The fruits are organic and very little sugar is used. It is very fruit-forward with a hint of rosemary.

Sartori Montamoré Cheddar leaves one wondering if it’s a Cheddar that tastes like Parmesan or Parmesan that tastes like Cheddar? Even though it's indescribable, we know you'll fall in love with this creamy, white wonder. The Sartori Family has been crafting incredible cheeses since 1939 in Plymouth, Wisconsin.

Laura Chenel Fresh Goat Cheese has mild flavor and a soft, spreadable texture and is made in Sonoma, California. This pairs wonderfully with the Firehook crackers or a fresh baguette.

North Country Salami crafts hand-made and cured meats in Columbus, Ohio. It is a family-owned company committed to sourcing humanely raised meats from local Ohio farms. No 1 Salami is the richest and creamiest salami of the North Country collection. It is boldly flavored with cheese from Blue Jacket Dairy in Bellefontaine, Ohio, Chardonnay from Debonne Vineyards in Madison, Ohio, chopped garlic, and fresh sage. Best served at room temperature and thinly sliced.

Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn Asheville Mix is named after their hometown so you know it's good. They combine Cheddar popcorn and salted caramel for that insatiable craving. One bag may not be enough.

Killer Brownie® Co. Lemon Blonde Brownie with White Chocolate Chips has creamy white chocolate chips folded into a moist lemony blonde brownie with a bright zesty flavor. It's sweet with a citrus punch, perfect for summer picnics and barbecues. The Killer Brownie® Co. is based in Dayton, Ohio, and is owned and operated by the same family of Dorothy Lane Market.

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