Spumoni Love

I grew up eating Spumoni ice cream. It was a common item in our freezer at home, as well as, a pretty standard dessert offering at local Chicagoland diners and family-run Italian restaurants. Sometimes, my Dad would buy the “box” of Neapolitan ice cream instead and in my humble opinion, it was never as good! I would have to wait until the next time we bought another “box” of ice cream for my favorite flavor to come around again.

Why is it so good? Three BIG flavors—cherry, pistachio, and chocolate. That’s why. As an added bonus depending on which brand you bought, other goodies could be in there too, like candied cherries, rum, orange peel, almonds, and chocolate chips or flakes. The flavors were usually swirled together so you got a little of each with every spoonful.

Moving around a lot as an adult and settling into Ohio, I’ve entered a no-Spumoni zone (gasp). This week, I’m excited to share the recipe for one of my favorite frozen desserts—my easy to make Ice Cream Spumoni Squares, which you can make in advance. So whether or not you can actually find a good Spumoni ice cream, now, you can “make” it yourself and create some memories of your own!

Get the recipe >>> Ice Cream Spumoni Squares Recipe

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