How Sweet It Is! Our 18th Annual Peach Party

What summertime food is so good it has us grinning from ear to ear? Peaches! Not just your everyday peaches, though. We’re talking about tree-ripened Prima Peaches®—peaches so sweet and juicy, just one bite and nectar starts running down your chin.

But what really makes these peaches stand out? When harvest time arrives, the fruit is hand-harvested, with pickers passing through the orchard three times looking for fruit that’s at its peak. From there, the carefully selected fruit gets hydro-cooled (quickly cooled to stabilize them), sorted, packed into boxes, and then shipped!

At DLM, each Produce manager has a refractometer, a device used to measure the Brix level of the fruit daily. Remember, higher Brix means more sugar, which means more flavor. Whereas the Brix of the average peach lands in the 8 to 10 range, our tree-ripened peaches register at 12 and even higher! The PEACH is KING all month long, with the much-anticipated arrival of the sweetest peaches of the season filling our stores. Look for all the delicious peachy foods throughout the store that will make your taste buds dance. Come join the party! I will bring the peaches.

Why We Love Prima® Peaches

Tree-Ripened to Peachy Perfection

Tree-ripened means these peaches are left of the tree longer and picked at their peak to maximize sweetness (aka a higher Brix). this also results in a superb mouthfeel.

Brix Level

Brix is a way to measure the innate sweetness. All Peach Party Prima® Peaches have a Brix level of 12 or greater! Check our Brix sign to see what it is today!

Making the Grade

Once a Prima® Peach is carefully harvested, it is also graded. A very small percentage will make the cut to be sent to our Peach Party.

Grown in California

Coming from the San Joaquin Valley, Prima® Peaches are grown on the Gerawan family farm.

Look for “Ready Today” & “Ready Tomorrow” signs on our Peach Party display so you can plan your peach feast accordingly. We recommend that you utilize our Brix signs when picking your peaches.

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