DLM Difference: Heavenly Ham®, A Timeless Tradition

The thing about tradition is that it brings us comfort, even as many of our typical holiday plans are shifting. This is why at DLM, we continue to do what we do best this holiday season, which is to provide Honestly Better® food and service every time. So no matter how different your holiday looks this year, the pleasure of a good meal is a tradition to hold tight. Our Heavenly Ham® is one of those food traditions at so many households, earning it a place on our list of treasured DLM Differences for plenty of good reasons.

Not only is it dressed with our signature glaze of a sweet, rich honey and delicate spices, but it’s all sealed in with a high-heat open flame. The result is a rich caramelization that locks in the juices and enhances the natural flavor within. The hams are slowly cured and hickory smoked, making them ready to heat and serve at a moment’s notice.

We first embarked on bringing such a treat to DLM in the early 80s with the help of a good friend who taught us a thing or two. Norman Mayne tells the story best as we sought to bring our ambition to life: “We ruined so many hams, but eventually (with help) we got it right. Millions of toothpicks later and after our first holiday season… they loved it.” Before we knew it, Heavenly Ham® was one of our holiday season bestsellers, eventually expanding to also ship via and embraced as a corporate gift. Heavenly Ham® certainly is a tradition we’ll hold on to.


Bringing home a Heavenly Ham® is a smart way to fill your table for days to come. Dinner? Done. Brunch? You betcha! Or, you’ll be covered when you get that hankering for a late night sandwich. If you’re lucky to have leftovers, check out some of our favorite recipes showcasing this timeless tradition.

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