Hatch: The Heat Is On!

Our 10th annual “Hatch Hype” as we call it at DLM is coming your way! But the hype is only as good as the product, and that story has been over a hundred years in the making. These beautiful green chiles are grown in the Hatch Valley of New Mexico. We love the flavor of roasted Hatch Chiles, so offering them from our open-flame roaster has become a yearly tradition.

In 1917, the great-grandparents of Chris Franzoy, owner of Young Guns Produce and our supplier of Hatch Chiles, arrived in America from Tyrol, Austria, and settled in the Hatch Valley. They quickly adapted to the culture and became farmers. Ten children and some years later, this family has been instrumental in expanding the farming of these chiles in the area. On a trip out to see the farm, our VP of Produce, Dennis Chrisman, said it was amazing to see such green fields in what many consider a desert. Chris told them how Hatch “Valley” is actually at 4,000-feet elevation, which explained the hot, arid climate. While the outside temperature was about 100°F, the humidity was only about 28%. They’re blessed with a water supply in the form of the Rio Grande to the north as well as an underground aquifer. The Hatch Chiles are hand-harvested because the plants need to be left intact in order to obtain multiple harvests during the growing season.

The Hatch excitement runs deep here at DLM as our chefs are all abuzz discussing new Hatch creations to wow your taste buds once the Hatch craze sets in. Life is pretty spicy around here during those last three weeks of August as so many recipes that you’ll find throughout DLM will feature Hatch Chiles as a key ingredient, so be sure to try them all. When cooking at home, I love the way Hatch Chiles add flavor to eggs, fish, salsa, chicken, burgers, and just about everything! Choose to buy them raw or freshly roasted by the quart, then let your imagination and creativity go hot wild. Come get a little pep in your step and see for yourself what all the Hatch Hype is about. Stay tuned as we announce the dates for when we’ll be roasting these chiles at each store!

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