Hatch Chile Recipes to Make During Hatch Hype

Fire up the roaster and get ready—the much-anticipated Hatch Chiles are here and we are celebrating their arrival in the most delicious ways at DLM, including the 5 Hatch chile recipes below! But first, let’s talk about these prized chiles.

Hatch Chiles are named after the original growing area in Hatch Valley, New Mexico, and have a one-of-a-kind flavor with a mild to medium heat. These peppers are grown along the beautiful Rio Grande River, where the rich soil and climate create the perfect conditions for this beautiful chile. The intense sunlight and cool nights in the valley result in a unique flavor. When roasted, that flavor displays its full glory!

I can imagine the wonderful aroma of them roasting just by thinking about these peppers. Speaking of roasting, we’ve rolled out our custom super-sized roaster and the roasting team will be bringing it to each store at various times throughout the Hatch season, so make sure to stop by and take in the aroma yourself if you see us in action.

You’ll also notice that life is pretty spicy around here as special items throughout DLM feature Hatch Chiles as a key ingredient, so be sure to try them all. Come get a little pep in your step and see for yourself what all the Hatch hype is about. You can get them raw or freshly roasted by the quart. Then, let your imagination and creativity go hot wild. We did with the five Hatch chile recipes below!

5 Hatch Chile Recipes

1. Hatch Chile, Chicken, & Chorizo Pasta

This pasta is filled with fresh, delicious ingredients and a little kick to give it that craveable quality.

2. Cheesy Hatch Chile Bean Dip

Ooey, gooey, cheesy goodness—this bean dip is excellent scooped up with DLM White Corn Tortilla Chips.

3. Hatch Chile Country Gravy

Breakfast just got kicked up a notch! This creamy gravy hits all the right notes.

4. Hatch Chile Con Queso

As if queso could get any better, this cheesy appetizer is flecked with Hatch Chiles, making it the perfect choice for your summer get togethers.

5. Hatch Chile Elotes

This easy-to-eat Mexican street corn salad is a great accompaniment to your Taco Tuesday!

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