The Farm on Central Launches Local Garden Box With DLM

  • POSTED Apr 27th, 2022
  • BY Jessie Kuhn

Refreshing is the word that comes to mind after meeting the farming family behind The Farm on Central, and we’re not just referring to the fresh produce that they grow on their Carlisle, Ohio-based farm. They are a young family who is setting roots and digging into the soil. The Kilpatricks are showing what the next generation of farming could look like, from the livelihood and the lifestyle to the role that farming can play in building local community. As DLM Produce Director Michelle Mayhew got to know Michael Kilpatrick and hear more about his robust experience with operating a CSA in New York several years ago, she knew she had found a valuable partner to launch our very own Local Garden Box subscription plan, featuring an array of culinary-driven produce grown exclusively by The Farm on Central. 


Michael reaches down and with little fight from the terrain unearths handfuls of lush, nutrient-dense soil. He explains how their 8-acre farm is ideal for farming because it's located on top of an aquifer. “This is prime soil,” he says. The family moved to the farm, located a few miles from the Great Miami River, two years ago with a dream to not only grow their farm, but to connect with their community. Michael and Savannah Kilpatrick met while working at a farm out of state, but she grew up in the area and recalls driving past their home many times.

The family approaches farming like a living and breathing form of art—with the farm setting the creative canvas for more than just a livelihood but a lifestyle to be shared. In addition to The Farm on Central, the Kilpatricks share a passion for helping to spark interest among up-and-coming farmers. Hence their Thriving Farmer Podcast and Growing Farmers, an educational outlet to help provide mentorship among farmers. “I wouldn’t be where I am without mentors,” Michael says, noting how crucial it is for the farming community to help nurture one another. Early in his farming career, Michael worked in New York, where he learned a great deal from mentors, so he recognizes how important this type of support is. 

Together, he and Savannah have created a beautiful life for their three children: Charlotte, Simon, and Kate. Charlotte, age 7, hops along the rows of produce in the greenhouse and Simon, 5, swings the hose back and forth as the siblings relish in an eternal summer in the greenhouse. Charlotte reaches down and gently tugs on stems, which break free with dirt-clad radishes attached. Her toothless smile widens. When asked what she loves most about living on a farm, she replies quickly. “I get to eat lots of good food. You can just walk into the greenhouse.” Baby Kate grows fussy, so Savannah does what any mother would do and offers a distraction—she breaks off a stalk of chard for the teething baby to gnaw on. “This is their life and I want them to participate in it,” she says, noting that natural, chemical-free methods are a given since her family lives and plays where the food grows. “We’re 100% certified kid safe,” she reassures. 


So why The Farm on Central to co-launch our new Local Garden Box? “Because I saw their heart and their passion for what they do,” says Michelle. In addition, the curated experience of culinary-driven produce will be something that resonates with home chefs who are excited to experiment and try something new. “It’s going to be a food explosion, with a local twist,” she says. 

The Kilpatricks are just as excited to bring each weekly box to life, and the meticulous planning starts about six months ahead so that various yields can sync together with planting. When it comes to the contents inside, think beyond standard corn and cucumbers (unless we are talking about blue corn, that is). Michael's vision for the contents of the Local Garden Box comes directly from the culinary scene. "I enjoy watching a chef create ... I love growing good food and unique things that have a story."

The Local Garden Box is grown exclusively for Dorothy Lane Market by The Farm on Central.

The Local Garden Box is a seasonal weekly subscription-based experience, brought to you by The Farm on Central and Dorothy Lane Market. Prix-fixe contents are grown and curated exclusively by The Farm on Central but are reserved online and picked up at Dorothy Lane Market. Limited number of spots available. REGISTER NOW!


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May 6th

Are the Local Garden box products raised organically?

- Marketa

Dorothy Lane Market says:

While this is not an organic farm, they grow everything without pesticides so that it is certified children-safe.

May 19th

How much does this cost?

- Janie

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Hi Janie,

The large Garden Box will feed 4-6 people and is $55 per week. The small box is $30 and serves 2-3 people. You can register using this link

May 31st

Are there recipe suggestions that accompany the items in the weekly boxes?

- Amy

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Yes, we provide about three recipes pertaining to the contents in that weeks garden box.

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