Authentic sushi is an art form and we decided to perfect how we do it at DLM.

It begins with the chef. Given the exact same ingredients, the experience you would have from a sushi master is on a completely different level than from a novice. When you then supply such an expert with gorgeous fish and perfect rice, the results are extraordinary.

We have such talent here at DLM. Stop and marvel at the knife skills of sushi chefs and their gentle hand in crafting every piece and roll. Thanks to this skill, we’re now achieving a level of sushi that we had only once dreamed possible.

Surreal sushi starts with the ingredients.

Indeed, we are proud to offer you a level of sushi excellence at DLM that certainly isn’t your average grocery store sushi experience but is instead more on par with sushi restaurants. In addition to our top sushi chef talent that we’ve recruited here at DLM, we are relentless in the sourcing of quality fish, rice, and other ingredients. In fact, we feature the very same quality of seafood used in sushi that we’ve prided ourselves on in our Seafood department for years. Sushi is made fresh every day and is replenished throughout the day.

In addition to featuring a variety of sushi in a grab-n-go case, our sushi chefs are happy to accommodate your special requests, including eye-popping sushi trays for your next party or a custom roll for your next meal. Give DLM Sushi a try and eat it soon and often. It’s the stuff dreams are made of.


Entertaining made easy with sushi.

Allow our sushi chefs to make an eye-popping, custom sushi tray for your next party, business meeting, or luncheon. With assortments of small bites like sushi rolls, spring rolls, specialty rolls, nigari, and sashimi, it’s the stuff dreams are made of! Order from the store that you plan to pick your order up at. Due to the art and skill that goes into each tray, we do ask that party trays have 24 hour advance notice. See below for information regarding party trays!

Sushi Party Tray Order Form

Call or visit us to order your sushi party tray!


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DLM Dreams of Sushi

If you think this is your average grocery store sushi, think again. We are proud to offer a restaurant-quality surreal sushi experience thanks to the skill of our sushi chefs.

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