Less Time Spent Out of Water.

Everyone says their seafood is “fresh” to the point that the word has almost lost its meaning. Our definition of the word is one we stand behind and is one of the building blocks that has elevated our Seafood department over the years.

It comes down to time spent out of water and we keep that to a minimum. How do we do that? We buy direct and go straight to the fishing co-ops. Time spent out of water also is reduced by choosing to air freight our fish often instead of having it travel by truck. So when we say “fresh catch,” we mean it!

Fishing the right way.

When it comes to the fishing industry, sustainability matters and we see it as our responsibility to find partners who also share this value. At DLM, we go straight to the fishing co-ops that practice sustainable techniques to ensure wild fish for years to come and fishing farms that are raising seafood the right way. Here are a few of our fishing partners, with many more in addition to those mentioned.

Lobster from Ready Seafood

Brothers John and Brendan Ready fell in love with lobstering at a young age and have made it a priority at Ready Seafood to sell sustainably-caught lobster that can be traced back to the boat and the local lobsterman who caught them. They also are constantly educating and sharing with others their passion for lobster and the work lobstermen have done to make it a sustainable industry. We are lucky to have John, Brendan, as well as Curt and Michelle Brown visit us often during our annual Lobstermania promotion that happens every year the Saturday before Memorial Day.

Organic Farm-Raised Salmon From Creative Salmon

Creative Salmon is a very small salmon farming companies that we partner with for our farm-raised salmon. The Canadian-owned company has been raising indigenous Pacific Chinook (King) salmon using sustainable methods for many years. Now it has achieved all the criteria set out in the Canadian Organic Aquaculture Standard. They were the first North American salmon producer to achieve Organic Certification. We love them also because the fish have twice as much room to swim than typical farm-raised salmon and are free of antibiotics.

Organically Fed Salmon from Shetland Farms

The salmon are grown in the clear, clean waters surrounding the Shetland Islands archipelago in the North Sea. These artisan fish farmers from Shetland Farms have teamed up with DLM for more than 20 years to bring you an Atlantic Salmon that has been fed a certified organic diet and is free of antibiotics and coloring agents.


Trust your fishmonger.

We sell our fish with pride and passion and are always happy to offer recommendations and tell you what’s new and where it’s from.

You’ll also notice a constant stream of new fish in our seafood case, a true reflection of what’s in season. This is the product of constant communication and good working relationships that our fishmongers have with our fish providers. On any given day, our Seafood Managers at DLM have likely been on the phone with several different fisheries to see what’s biting.

Look for seasonal favorites, which we take pride in carrying as soon as they’re available, such as:

  • fresh Alaska red king crab legs
  • halibut
  • cod
  • wild North Carolina head-on shrimp
  • fresh-picked North Carolina crab meat
  • soft-shelled crab
  • wild salmon varieties, such as Copper River king salmon and Columbia River king salmon
  • and many other catches.

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