The vibrant display of fresh, local, and seasonal fare draws you in to our certified organic Produce department.

Our Produce department is certified organic, meaning that we’ve gone through great lengths to comply with strict OEFFA standards. At any given time, we carry up to 250+ certified organic produce items. If a produce item is certified organic, it’s also non-GMO.

If there’s one thing you can count on when you enter our Produce department, it’s a variety of colorful, fresh fruits and vegetables that reflect the best of what the season has to offer. In addition to offering fruits and vegetables, we offer some other amazing ways to enjoy this fresh fare.

  • Our salad bar boasts fruit & veggies freshly cut each day by hand as well as unique salad creations.

  • Stop by and browse our selection of pre-cut veggies, which makes recipes and snacking easy with the veggies cleaned, cut, and ready to go.
  • You’ll also find freshly cut veggie-based “pastas” that are nutrient-packed and naturally gluten free.

  • Housemade DLM Salsa and Guacamole are perfectly seasoned and Made Right Here with pride. You’ll also find seasonal salsa creations that reflect the local produce season.

The abundance of top quality local fruits & veggies from local farmers nestled nearby is one of our favorite things about being located in Ohio.

In fact, linking arms with local vendors is something that’s always been innate in our culture, as founder Calvin Mayne grew up on a farm outside of Miamisburg, and he featured bounty from the area at the start of the DLM story. It’s a tradition we’re been proud to continue.

We’re also careful in how we use the word “local” as it’s a buzzword nowadays with an undefined parameter. For us, the decision of what to call and not call “local” is simple: Is it a morning’s drive or less from our store to their door or farm? Is the answer is “yes”, well, it’s local. Here are a few local farmers and producers we’re proud to partner with.

Brentlinger’s Farm Market

When you pick up an ear of sweet corn grown by Ray Brentlinger, you may notice it’s a little damp from the morning dew. That’s because it was likely picked before sunrise that day and the delivered to our stores. We’ve worked with Ray for 30+ years and do so because we believe his sweet corn isn’t just the best, but it’s also grown with pride. The farm is located in New Carlisle, on riverfront property lush with dark, rich soil. Look for the highly anticipated Brentlinger sweet corn at DLM in the heat of the summer!

Brickel Creek Organic Farm

Sue Borton, owner of Brickel Creek Organic Farm, has always loved digging in dirt. So much that after obtaining her master organic gardener certification, she yearned to cultivate her new expertise in deeper ways. One fateful date in 2006, she drove up to the historic, two-story farmhouse located on 69.5 acres in Jamestown, Ohio. She feel in love. For about 10 years and counting, our friend Sue has been sellling DLM organic produce, from plump, juicy blackberries in the summer to kale, spinach, and fresh herbs grown in her tunnel greenhouse all winter long.

Branstrator Farm

Maintaining soil integrity and crop rotation is important to Jon and the farm’s sustainability. Located just south of Caesar Creek State Park, Branstrator Farm has been in Jon’s family since the early 1900s and Jon still lives in the original Sears Roebuck farmhouse built by his family in 1908. His crops range from fresh asparagus in the spring, vibrant berries in the summer, to a bountiful harvest of squash in the fall.

80 Acres Farm

80 Acres Farms, an urban farming startup, has set roots in Cincinnati and is challenging how people typically view farming by utilizing hydroponic growing techniques, LED lighting, and controlled environments to create conditions for plants to grow indoors year-round. Samantha Bergman, a grower at 80 Acres Farms, calls this type of farming controlled environment agriculture.



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