Healthy Living

Mind, body, and general wellness are an everyday focus for the Healthy Living Department.

Our health and wellness associates strive to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and offerings for a healthier lifestlye. We’re proud to offer numerous brands that have set the trend for the highest quality supplements with traceable, naturally and organically sourced ingredients. It is our mission to provide you the best that nature had to offer in support of your good health.

DLM Premium Supplements

Here are a few reasons why you can take great confidence in the DLM line of premium supplements:

  • Unique ingredients and balanced formulations provide the latest in nutritional science in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian formulas. Organic materials are used when possible.
  • Disintegration time tests are run on every batch to ensure that the tablets and capsules break down.
  • Amber glass bottles increase shelf life by protecting the product from light and moisture, and ensuring that the product remains at full potency through the best by date.
  • Meets all FDA CGMP standards for dietary supplement manufacturing—this includes complete raw material sampling and identification, with samples retained for reference. In-process samples are taken every 30 minutes as well.

DLM Vegan Shopping Guide

Finding the good food that is good for you should be easy. Enter the DLM Vegan Shopping Guide, your quick guide to finding anything and everything you need for a vegan diet. To stay up-to-date on the latest offerings and tasty vegan recipes, log-in to your account and sign-up to receive our Vegan Newsletter.



Being told to avoid gluten for health and dietary reasons can be confusing, frustrating, and at times discouraging.

At DLM, we wanted to remove that shadow cast over the gluten-free lifestyle and highlight all the delicious, nutritious, real foods available. Enter the DLM Gluten-Free Survival Guide. Here are 3 ways DLM speaks gluten free:

1. Gluten-Free Guides

DLM is always looking for the tastiest items to add to our shelves, and that includes the newest gluten-free foods. We’ve got a couple different things to assist in finding these specific products. First, be sure to check out our Gluten-Free Shopping Guide, available at Guest Services at all three locations. Or, as you make your way through the store, look for the GF logo calling out the products. If you would like a personal walk-through highlighting GF offerings, our gluten free guru C.A. Diltz offers tours from our DLM Washington Square location (schedule your tour now). For any other questions, feel free to email us.

2. Gluten Free Alternatives for Ready-Made DLM Favorites

To make mealtime less frustrating, shop DLM’s ready-to-go offerings from the Deli, Meat Department, Produce, and Naples-Style Pizza Oven (just ask for a GF pizza crust), to name a few. We have protein-packed Overnight Oats and customizable Frittatas for breakfast. For lunch, try an authentic Sushi platter or create your 4Square of Deli Salads, including Bean City. A quick and easy dinner starts with Rotisserie Chicken. The DLM Salad Bar is an essential stop for any snack or meal with the wide selection of freshly cut fruit and veggies, all naturally GF.


Eat Healthy Tours with Lori Kelch

Are you ready to start eating healthier, but just don’t know where or how to begin? That’s why Lori Kelch, an independent nutrition and wellness educator with more than 20 years of experience, will be coming to DLM to give group Eat Healthy Tours. Although this event is free, registration is required.

View more info and sign up now for our upcoming Eat Healthy Tours!

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