Stop in and smell the flowers.

The DLM Difference is seen not only in our food, but in the flowers you’ll find at DLM, too. Whether you are looking for a fresh flower bouquet or bunches of fresh flowers, think no further than your local Dorothy Lane Market. We feature ready-made floral bouquets that are perfect as a gift or a special touch for your home. In fact, we like to think that they simply have a way of making life a little brighter. So stop in and grab a bouquet. Or, call us if there’s something we can create for you.

Fresh-Cut Bouquets & Arrangements

We feature a curated selection of hand-assembled Fresh-Cut Bouquets and Arrangements that are ready to go when you are and that reflect the best that the season has to offer, from tulips in spring, dahlias in the fall, and a rich assortment of local farm bouquets in the summer.

Love & Roses Bouquets

Beautifully wrapped and ready-to-go Love and Roses Bouquets feature 12 stunning roses along with accent flowers and greenery for a truly unique rose bouquet. In addition to the deep reds, we hand-assemble Love & Roses Bouquets in an assortment of colors, such as pinks, oranges, yellows, and whites.

Local Bouquets

Just as we connect with local farmers and makers throughout the store for some of the food that we carry, we do the same with sourcing local flowers when possible. Among that pocket of local flower growers who we partner with are Nellie Ashmore of That Girl’s Flowers (pictured), which is located in Clarksville, Ohio, and Leslie Garcia of Peach Mountain Organics, which is located in Spring Valley, Ohio. Both are certified organic and so are the lovely local bouquets they bring to us when their local flowers are available.


Indoor and outdoor plants in season.

Whether you are looking for something for your home or for a gift, we feature seasonally appropriate indoor and outdoor plants. Look for potted bulbs in the spring, orchids all year long, hardy mums in the fall, pansies in the spring, and so much more as the seasons change.

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