The Cheese Shop

Feast your eyes upon the vast array of gourmet cheese from around the world and across the United States.

With so many degrees of classification and orientation, from goat to cow’s milk, crumby to semi-soft, to length of aging and beyond, navigating the wide variety of cheeses available in the DLM Cheese Shop is daunting. Enter the DLM cheesemongers, a knowledgeable staff who are fanatic about all things fromage. They’re here to help you choose what you need to grate, shred, or slice up for your next soirée.

DLM Cheese Spreads

Our cheese spreads are made fresh daily with the finest all-natural ingredients, including premium cheeses, cream cheese, fresh herbs, and other seasonings. The next time you stop by, ask for a taste and pick up a container or two. These spreads are perfect, whether you are enjoying them with a nice bottle of wine or just sitting back watching the game with a cold beer.

Specialty Cheese Board

While entertaining, nothing sets the scene quite like a well executed and crafted cheese board. Not only do we carry an extensive line of specialty cheese from around the world, we also stock unique, complementary crackers and sides to take your display to the next level. Be sure to ask our cheesemongers for the perfect pairings and presentation ideas. Or, talk to us about placing an order for a custom cheese tray.




We make fresh mozzarella every day.

Stop by The DLM Cheese Shop to see our cheese connoisseurs rhythmically stretching and shaping warm mozzarella into ovalini. Once refrigerated, its consistency changes. It should be soft and moist, which is why we make it daily.

Once you start to refrigerate fresh mozzarella its consistency starts to change, and the longer it is refrigerated the more it breaks down and becomes somewhat slimy. That is why we here at Dorothy Lane Market are now making our very own fresh Handmade Mozzarella on a daily basis, so that we will be able to provide you with the very freshest of products.

Also available for nation-wide shipping!


Our Parmigiano-Reggiano is out of this world.

For over a decade, we’ve been buying Parmigiano-Reggiano from the Minelli family of Modena, Italy. We make the extra effort to buy only from this particular family for two reasons: we love the cheese and the people who make it.

Theirs remains the best we have ever tasted. Several of us have visited their home overlooking the hills surrounding Modena. Cows quietly graze on fragrant hay with a content look in their eyes. In large copper pots, the milk is gently cooked during the forming and salting process, and finally it moves to the impressive aging rooms, where the cheese slowly attains its maturity and full flavor. Since they only produce 14 wheels a day, the Minellis personally attend to every single wheel!

The Minelli family has told us stories of how the late Luciano Pavarotti would travel with a cache of their cheese and consume it before performances to give him strength. We too feel the power of their parm, and are proud to offer this 30 month Parmigiano-Reggiano, which is beautifully balanced, at DLM.


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