70th Anniversary

To celebrate our 70th Anniversary, we’ll be hosting a special sweepstakes on the 7th of every month during 2018 where three lucky winners per store will each win a DLM gift card. See the official rules and regulations.

Grocery Giveaway entries will be accepted on Wednesday, November 7, 2018, from 6 a.m. EST to 10:59:59 p.m. EST via three modes of entry:  You can enter here online, fill out a form at any of our stores, or will automatically be entered by making a purchase and scanning your Club DLM card.

Our Story

  1. 1941

    Calvin D. Mayne worked in wholesale produce business in Dayton, Ohio.

  2. 1941

    Calvin began courting widow Vera Jane Pacey who owned a small fruit stand at the Central Market House. The two were married later that year.

  3. 1942

    Calvin deployed to Japan with the U.S. Army, eventually holding the rank of Captain, Military Intelligence.

  4. 1944

    Calvin & Vera Mayne's son Norman is born. Calvin goes into business with Tom Hildebrand to open M&H Liberty Market.

  5. 1947

    Calvin befriends Frank Sakada and the two begin conversations about opening a store together.

  6. 1948

    On August 12, Calvin & Frank open the doors to Dorothy Lane Market, a fruit stand at the corner of Far Hills and Dorothy Lane. Vera's youngest daughter Mary (Pacey) Hieb rings up the first order.

  7. 1948

    Calvin dissolves partnership at M&H Liberty Market.

  8. 1949

    Vera closes her fruit stand at the Central Market House.

  9. 1951

    Fire hits building adjacent to DLM causing much damage to store. As a result, the "lean-to" was remodeled.

  10. 1953

    Customer and businessman Mr. Talbott agrees to build a 10,000-square-foot grocery store with Calvin and Frank as the tenants. They relocate to where DLM Oakwood stands today.

  11. 1955

    Vera spearheads initiative to launch Good Neighbor Program as a way for DLM to give back to community.

  12. 1957

    Parking lot in front of DLM is converted to store space, adding additional 4,000 square feet. Sales soar.

  13. 1957

    Progressive Grocer profiles DLM, sparking much international attention. Calvin and Frank speak at the National Association of Retail Grocers.

  14. 1957

    NCR, impressed by DLM, incorporates the DLM story in their national Modern Merchandising Methods seminars. This takes Calvin, Vera, & Norman around the world for speaking opportunities with stops in Australia and many other countries before ending in Europe.

  15. 1958

    Calvin presents to the House of Parliament on the topic of modern  merchandising practiced at DLM.

  16. 1960

    Frank and Calvin amicably part ways as Frank decides to pursue other business opportunities.

  17. 1960

    Dorothy Lane Market Page Manor opens on Airway Road at former Alber's location.

  18. 1963

    Calvin experiments in investing in two large-store format locations, separate from DLM, in Cincinnati and Dayton. Neither proves to be successful.

  19. 1966

    Calvin suffers a severe stroke and his son Norman begins to play a larger role with DLM.

  20. 1967

    DLM files Chapter 11 bankruptcy; a sad day in DLM history amid the devastating effects of Calvin's stroke.

  21. 1967

    With attorney Jack Pickrel's guidance, Norman and DLM establish a 10-year plan of arrangement to pay creditors 100 cents on the dollar, which is unheard of. Creditors agree to let family retain ownership.

  22. 1967

    First payment to creditors is made and continues over the years.

  23. 1972

    DLM's founding father, Calvin D. Mayne, passes away with grocers from around the world coming to mourn. Vera assumes role as president.

  24. 1975

    Chapter 11 bankruptcy is over nearly two years ahead of schedule.

    back row, right to left: Norman Mayne, Ray Hill, Jose Manzano, Calvin Mayne Sr. (?), Charles Jones.
    front row, right to left: Monte Scott, Sandra McClellan.

  25. 1975

    DLM opens a second location in the Hills and Dales Shopping Center, but closes six months later. Focus shifts to making the experience at one store as best as possible, a decision that paves the way for DLM's future.

  26. 1978

    DLM Oakwood undergoes a major remodel.

  27. 1978

    DLM begins its relationship with Brentlinger's Farm Market providing us sweet corn every summer. Although we have many relationships with local farming families that we are proud of, this one is the longest-standing. Calvin previously worked with Brentlinger's Farm Market earlier in his career.

  28. 1981

    DLM shares financial information with associates and adds bonus incentive based on profit-sharing.

  29. 1982

    Heavenly Ham® becomes a DLM signature item.

  30. 1983

    DLM buys the building in Oakwood, which it occupies to this very day.

  31. 1985

    Killer Brownie® makes its debut.

  32. 1986

    DLM begins its relationship with Coleman Beef.

  33. 1991

    DLM opens a second location at Washington Square.

  34. 1992

    Meat department makes a commitment to proteins free of antibiotics/hormones/steroids, fed a vegetarian diet, and in strict accordance to animal welfare standards well ahead of the rest of the industry.

  35. 1994

    DLM Artisan Bread launches. DLM receives industry attention for baking our bread from scratch.

  36. 1995

    DorothyLane.com launches.

  37. 1995

    DLM quit advertising and launched Club DLM to reward customers. DLM receives national attention for its loyalty program.

  38. 1998

    The first DLM Food & Wine Show.

  39. 1999

    The School of Cooking moves into a new space next to DLM Washington Square.

  40. 2002

    DLM Springboro opens doors, inching DLM a bit more south.

  41. 2004

    DLMMailOrder.com launches.

  42. 2005

    Central Bakery opens behind DLM Washington Square.

  43. 2005

    First Spring Fling Pastry Show.

  44. 2010

    The Cheese Show launches.

  45. 2011

    At the age of 105, Vera passes away leaving a legacy at DLM in the way we partner with the community and treat our associates.

  46. 2014

    Love Cakes by DLM, a specialty cake division of DLM, has grand opening. Later that year, the popularity of DLM Artisan Bread results in a dedicated Bakehouse.

  47. 2014

    The School of Cooking is remodeled and name changes to DLM Culinary Center.

  48. 2015

    A dedicated bakery for Killer Brownie® is built to support the growing popularity of this signature item.

  49. 2017

    DLMDriveUp.com launches offering curbside pick-up for groceries ordered online. Delivery added later in the year.