Good Neighbor Program

Investing into our communities.

Supporting our community is part of our mission statement and the DLM Good Neighbor Program is one of the main ways we do this. Dorothy Lane Market has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to numerous local non profit organizations over the past several years through this program. In 2021, DLM will donate $40,000 back to the community. The fun part is that you choose how the money is distributed using your DLM Club Card! All you do is simply choose an organization from our list to have your purchases credited. Every time you shop and scan your Club DLM card, your chosen nonprofit organization is “credited” with the purchase. At the end of the year participating charities will receive a pro-rated portion of the total $40,000, depending on the amount spent by participating customers with a Club DLM card. Sign up today and shop at Dorothy Lane Market to benefit the charity of your choice!

You may choose to either complete the form online below or submit your choice at any of our locations with this print off.

If your nonprofit organization is interested in becoming part of our Good Neighbor Program, download this sign up sheet today!

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