Feast of the Seven Fishes


Frank Pirrello / December 13, 2020 / 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM / $180

Couples' Class
Christmas Eve in Italy is celebrated with lighter fare. Simple pastas, seafood, and antipasto-style plates are served in courses. From the Italian tradition of a meatless meal, the Feast of Seven Fishes is born. The Italian-American Christmas Eve dinner is a family-style meal featuring seven or more seafood preparations. Every family has its own set of food traditions when it comes to The Feast, but above all, it is a celebration shared with friends and loved ones. Frank and Mary would love to share this celebration with you!
i) Tartara di Tonna: A fresh appetizer start to the meal, it features high-quality tuna with plenty of lime, avocado, and just the right amount of heat to keep you coming back for more.
ii) Ostriche all’Italiana: Be ready for the rush from guests when the oysters come out of the oven during cocktail hour. Ostriche all’Italiana are breaded oysters on the half-shell baked with a blend of Italian spices. They're a perfect to pair with your drink of choice.
iii) Baccala Soup: Cooked on the stove in the days leading up to the meal, no two baccala soups turn out the same. In each Italian family, everyone thinks they know best to add a little bit more wine or cheese!
iv) Gamberetto Diablo: A guest favorite that is quick and easy. Baking sheets of gamberetto are covered in generous amounts of pepper and butter, then broiled fast and served hot. This also serves as a fill up course for less adventurous eaters at the meal.
v) Langostino Limoncello Farfelle: With a light sauce that keeps you wanting seconds, Langostino Limoncello is a perfect combination without being too heavy for a pasta dish late in the meal.
vi) Calamari Steak: Make sure to save room. Following the hot and fast broiling process, prepped sheets of breaded calamari are in and out of the oven quickly, as they are best served hot and fresh.
vii) Panzanella & Bianca Acciughe: The final round finishes the meal the Italian way with a delicious light salad.
We won't let you leave without a cannoli! This menu will be paired with Italian wines.

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