Nutrition for Life Seminars Aim to Provide Clarity

When I’m shopping here at DLM, I often stop and talk with other customers about their nutrition questions. I am always happy to share my knowledge, but I’ve realized over the years that “nutrition” has become more and more confusing, and it’s no wonder. Every day it seems that nutrition headlines change: Fat is bad, fat is good; grains are good, grains are bad; go paleo, low carb, vegan. It’s enough to make our heads spin. So, I’m asked, what should we eat?

I am not a dietician, so it’s not my job to tell others what to eat. But as a Nutrition Educator, I point out that much of what we’re told about nutrition, food, and wellness is misleading and sometimes just plain wrong. We have to be able to separate the facts from the hype, and when we do, we can have a much clearer picture of what our food life should look like.

So here is the bottom line. All of us are different and will thrive on different kinds of food. But a constant in all of this confusion is that nature has provided us with a variety of foods that supply the essential nutrients needed to provide our bodies and minds with the fuel they need to function optimally.

In our new Nutrition for Life series, we will sort out the facts and learn about essential nutrients, their food sources, and how they support the body. We will discuss inflammation, the many ways it affects our physical and mental functioning, and how we can use nutrition to temper the flame. And finally, we’ll take a look at the role of nutritional supplements in our health and wellness.

Nutrition for Life is an informative 3-part series highlighting the role of nutrition in our life. Register for each class individually ($20 each) or for all three ($50).

  1. Nutrition for Life: The Fundamentals (11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. September 18)
  2. Nutrition for Life: Nutrition & Inflammation (11:30 a.m.-1p.m. September 25)
  3. Nutrition for Life: The Scoop on Supplements (11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.October 2)


DLM Dreams of Sushi

If you haven’t seen the film “Jiro Dreams of Sushi,” I recommend you do, preferably with a cold beer and a beautiful platter of sushi. A few of us at DLM have had the opportunity to eat sushi at the famous fish market Tsukiji in Japan where Jiro sources his fish, and it really is a lifetime experience. We’ve also had excellent sushi in supermarkets in Japan, such as from our friends the Ishido family of Keihoku Supermarkets. Fortunately, it’s also become commonplace in American supermarkets as our food psyche is eager to embrace foods from around the world. Authentic sushi is an art form and last spring we decided to perfect how we do it at DLM.

It begins with the chef. Given the exact same ingredients, the experience you would have from a sushi master is on a completely different level than from a novice. When you then supply such an expert with gorgeous fish and perfect rice, the results are extraordinary. We have such talent now in our Sushi department, led by the talented Narai and sushi chefs Sun, Roy, Sam, Christine, Chris, and Sara. I marvel at their knife skills and gentle hand in crafting every piece and roll. Thanks to this team, we’re now achieving a level of sushi that we had only once dreamed possible.

In addition to the top talent in our Sushi department, we also are relentless in the sourcing of quality fish, rice, and other ingredients. Our VP of Meat & Seafood and Food Service Jack Gridley finds great fish like no one else I know. He has fishing friends in places like Alaska, Boston, and Scotland, which makes it no surprise that we have such outstanding fish for not only our Seafood department, but for the Sushi department as well.

Indeed, we are proud to offer you a new level of sushi excellence at DLM. Our sushi was very good before. However, now that we’ve upgraded from good supermarket sushi to more like what you would have in a fine sushi restaurant, we think you will notice a big difference. How so? Check out our increased variety, more artistic appearance, and best of all—superior eating experience!

DLM Sushi is so good, we’re attracting many customers of Japanese and Korean origin, the countries with the greatest sushi traditions. I was raised as an Ohio farm boy, yet even I eat our sushi at least two to three times per week as it’s such an easy, healthy pleasure. Our sushi chefs are happy to accommodate your special requests, including eye-popping sushi trays for your next party or a custom roll for your next meal. Give DLM Sushi a try and eat it soon and often. It’s the stuff dreams are made of.