Journey to South Africa—Wild Proteas

At the southern tip of Africa lies a landscape unlike anywhere else in the world. Jagged mountains rise up from ragged coastlines. A milk Mediterranean climate and ancient volcanic soil produce unique growing conditions. It’s here that a huge group of plants collectively known as the Cape Floral Kingdom grow. Many of these plants are found nowhere else.

The most widely known of these endemic plants in the Queen Protea, a dinner-plate size Protea that’s been adopted as the South African national flower and is all the rage on social media for bridal bouquets. In addition to the many Protea varieties, there’s a huge number of lesser known but stunning wildflower species.

I’ve wanted to see the wild Proteas and other Cape species for decades. My late August trip to South Africa was timed to coincide with the late-winter Protea blooming season. For the better part of two weeks, I hiked with a local naturalist and experienced the amazing diversity of the wild Cape Floral Kingdom. I wanted to see the local flower-growing industry firsthand. I was fortunate to meet Bryan Michell. Growing up, his family had a vacation farm about 50 miles outside of Cape Town in the stunningly beautiful Franschhoek Valley.

It’s one of the most scenic wine regions of the world with rolling, fertile hills surrounded by towering mountains with sheer granite cliffs. Many years ago, Bryan’s mother decided she wanted to start breeding and raising Proteas. She became very good, and after several years was commercially growing and selling her cut Protea to local floral exporters. Her farm grew as did many of the other flower farms in the valley. The Franschhoek Valley is now a mix of world-class vineyards and flower farms.

While the Proteas are cultivated, i.e., planted, maintained, and harvested, for years, many of the other fowers grow wild. Large areas of natural vegetation are then selectively harvested. This is completely organic and completely sustainable. These wild flower fields are as they have been for centuries. It’s sustainable agriculture at its very best.

We’re very excited to reveal that Cape Mountain Flora, which is operated by Bryan and exports native South African cut flowers mainly to Asia and Europe, will now add DLM to its network starting in mid-December. The quality of Cape Mountain Flora is the best of the best, so get ready!

Gifting the DLM Way: 38 Delightful Gifts & Goodies

The gifting season is upon us and we can’t help but think of all the ways to gift, DLM-style, as you look for something unique for the special people in your life. We’ve pulled together gifting specialists from a number of departments at DLM and assembled our DLM Gift Guide. Whether you are shopping for a home chef, a wine lover, for your team, or for your BFF, you’ll find something special in stores at Dorothy Lane Market, in the DLM Culinary Center (located next to DLM Washington Square), and online at Please note that items shown below are while supplies last and colors and style may vary per store. 

From top left to right: Cavallini Vintage Tea Towel (DLM Housewares), Peugeot Paris U’Select Pepper Mill (DLM Housewares), Taylor Meat Thermometer (DLM Housewares), RÖSLE Garlic Press (DLM Culinary Center), All-Clad Cookware (DLM Culinary Center), Microplane Zester (DLM Housewares), Wooden Spoon (DLM Culinary Center), RÖSLE Whisk (DLM Culinary Center), Wüsthof Knives (DLM Culinary Center), Kuhn Rikon Skimmer (DLM Housewares), Blue and White Checkered Kitchen Towel (DLM Culinary Center), Mason Cash In the Forest Creamer Jug (DLM Culinary Center).

From bottom left to right: Rue de Marli Hand Cream (DLM Culinary Center), Illumination Fragrance Warmer (Healthy Living), DLM Bath Bombs & Salts (Healthy Living), French Bulldog Notecards (DLM Housewares), DLM 1948 Candle (DLM Housewares), rockflowerpaper Mini Tote (DLM Housewares), The Bakewell Tart (Bakery), Karen Adams Gift Enclosure Cards (DLM Housewares), Sugarfina Champagne Bears (Grocery), Untie Twistable Ribbons Cord wraps (DLM Housewares), Karen Adams Merry Pencils (DLM Housewares), Karen Adams 2020 Calendar (DLM Housewares).

From bottom left to right: Holiday Fruit Basket (Produce),  DLM Culinary Center Gift Card (Guest Services or DLM Culinary Center), The Ohio Gift Set* (Floral or, Holiday Pear Gift Box  (Produce), Heavenly Ham®* (Meat or, Killer Brownie® Gift Tin* (Bakery or  *We can ship these items within U.S. via Looking to orchestrate a gift for your team of 20 or more? Contact our gifting specialist to discuss your Corporate  Gift order.

From bottom left to right: Chirpy Top Wine Pourer (DLM Culinary Center), Todd Norman Wine (Wine), Peugeot Clef du Vin Travel (Wine), Moleskine DLM  Wine Journal (Wine), Wine Barrel Top Charcuterie Tray (DLM Culinary Center), Vintage Champagne Bucket (Wine), DLM Plastic Wine Glasses (Wine).

3 Ways to Deck Your Table

Deck your table this holiday season the DLM way! Whether you are looking to play up the classic elegance that shimmers and shines with U.S.D.A. Prime Rib as the star of the table; tapping into nostalgic favorites that never go out of style (think Heavenly Ham® and Hartzler Family Dairy Egg Nog), or are hosting a cozy brunch, we’ve assembled three ways to deck your table!

Classic Elegance

Get out the china, light the candles, and enjoy a fabulous feast with your loved ones. We’re talking DLM USDA Prime Rib (don’t be fooled by the imposters), oysters on the half shell, and a decadent appetizer with caviar (get the recipe for DLM Brioche with Caviar here). Add a beautiful spread of pastries along with stollen for dessert.

Reserve your USDA Prime Rib here!

USDA Prime Rib: Less than 2% of cattle receive the top grade of “USDA Prime” making this well-marbled, juicy, tender roast something to celebrate.

Stollen: Made in accordance to German law, we carry Servatii Pastry Shop’s beautiful stollen, chock-full of dried fruit, golden raisins, and nuts.

Pâtisserie: Eat with your eyes as you peer into our pâtisserie case. A few of these beauties add an instant elegance to any affair.

Get the Recipe: For a classy appetizer, try DLM Brioche with Caviar.

Oysters on the Half Shell: Every week, we showcase a new haul of varieties. Especially for the holidays, we recommend contacting our Seafood department to reserve your desired amount.

Retro Renaissance

These are the timeless classics that never go out of style. Think spiral-sliced, fully cooked Heavenly Ham®, decadent Hartzler Egg Nog, a platter of deviled eggs, and a fruit cake that’s so good, you would never dream of re-gifting. Don’t forget that age-old classic Waldorf Salad. — Get the recipe here!

Reserve your Heavenly Ham® here!

Fruit Cake: From our friends at Servatii, this European-style fruit cake is bright with flavors from candied fruits, nuts, rum, and a citrus zest.

Get the Recipe: This Waldorf Salad is truly an exercise in simplicity.

Mandarin Orange Salad: These sweet ingredients harken to a classic family recipe. Available in our Deli.

Heavenly Ham®This fully cooked, honey-glazed, and spiral-sliced ham is a tradition worth keeping.

Hartzler Egg Nog: The local dairy’s glass-bottle egg nog is one of our highly anticipated holiday items!

Brunch Bliss

Stay in your pajamas for a fun-filled family brunch as you gather for the holidays! Load up on our Made Right Here breakfast pastries (think ooey, gooey Cinnamon Rolls), pile on the DLM Uncured Bacon, and check out our recipe for a Smoked Salmon & Everything Spice Strata and the Ultimate Champagne Cocktail.

Breakfast Pastries: Made Right Here every day, look for a selection of scones, Danishes, pecan rolls, filled croissants, and cinnamon rolls. To guarantee yours, call our Bakery.

Get the Recipe: Add a festive touch with this Ultimate Champagne Cocktail.

Blueberry Pound Loaf: Dense and rich, this is Made Right Here and full of blueberries. Look for it in our Bakery.

Get the Recipe: Give that holiday breakfast casserole a new twist with this Smoked Salmon & Everything Spice Strata.

Bring on the Bacon: No nitrates or nitrites, DLM Uncured Bacon is a must for any brunch feast.

Know Thy Lobsterman—Why We Choose Ready

Our lobster friends at Ready Seafood Co. in Maine are always on the cutting edge. Ready Seafood’s Captain Curt Brown, who many of you Lobstermania fans have possibly met in past years when he visits our stores, was recently spotlighted by Maine Lobster, an industry publication, for bridging divide between science and fishermen, thanks to his dual background as lobster fisherman and marine biologist.

The article reads: “Curt Brown, the marine biologist for Ready Seafood, spends his days in this rich and productive space between science and industry.

“Ready Seafood is one of the largest seafood wholesalers in Maine, shipping hundreds of thousands of pounds of lobster around the world every week.  Five years ago, the company made a commitment to science, and Brown, who has a Masters in Marine Biology and Marine Policy from the School of Marine Sciences at the University of Maine, stepped in to fill that role.” —Maine Lobster, “Curt Brown: Bridging the Divide”

Both Curt and Ready Seafood are so ahead of the game on sustainability when it comes to their lobstering practices as they aim to ensure that the species is around for the next generation. This is a big reason why we’ve done business with this reputable company for so many years. It’s nice to see them recognized for those efforts.

We are proud to say that all of our lobster products in our Seafood department, both fresh and frozen, come from Ready Seafood.

Here Are a Few Lobster Items  to Take Note of That we Carry from Ready Seafood

Cold Water Lobster Tail. Try it poached in butter or split and grilled. Added bonus: It’s on sale this week through December 10, 2019!

Lobster Mac & Cheese & Lobster Risotto. Served on the half shell, the Lobster Mac & Cheese is a velvety mixture of cheeses and pasta combine with succulent chunks of lobster, taking this comfort food to a new level. The Lobster Risotto, also served on the half shell, is a luscious, creamy risotto tossed with tender pieces of lobster. Look for both it in our Seafood department.

Coming Soon! Cold Cracked Lobster. We’re talking freshly shucked raw lobster meat that has the flavor and texture intact. In just a few weeks, DLM will be the first grocery store in the country to carry this. It comes ready to poach, sauté, grill, and integrate in a myriad of recipes where lobster meat and claws are the heroes.

Lobster Cakes. Ready to cook, we’ve made the most delicious Lobster Cakes using Ready’s knuckle & claw meat.

Lobster Roll. Using our housemade Lobster Salad, you’ll truly savor Maine with this catch. Although this is one of our most popular summer cookout item, the secret is that we offer these all year long at Jack’s Grill, made to order.

Lobster Knuckle Claw Meat. Always on hand in our Seafood department so that you can make your own lobster rolls, lobster bisque, and other creations.

Mark Your Calendars Now for Lobstermania 2020, coming May 23, 2020! Every year the Saturday before Memorial Day, our friends from Ready Seafood in Maine come to DLM bringing with them a huge haul of live lobster! Our Lobstermania sale starts at 9 a.m., so come early because once it’s gone, it’s gone!  So save the date, invite your friends over, and get ready!

Holiday Gifts

Even if you’re not quite ready for the holidays, you can rest assured that we are! As you walk around each store, you’ll notice a towering presence of holiday gifts and goodies calling attention from every nook and cranny. We take great pride in sourcing unique products from specialty importers. You’ll find everything from Italian cookies and panettones to specialty chocolates, pralines, candies, and more.

Some of the items come in limited quantities, so don’t be surprised if the selection changes as the season progresses. (And if you see something you like, it may not be there for long). “These are things that you’re not going to find at your everyday grocery store,” says Barb Collins, DLM Specialty Grocery Buyer. “They’re perfect items to have out when entertaining or as a gift for a neighbor, teacher, babysitter, host, or friend.”

Check out some of the tasty gifts you’ll find on this awesome display!

Pictured (while supplies last): Silver Tree with Italian Chocolates with Cocoa Cream, Festive Vase filled with soft Amaretti cookies, Champagne glass filled with Italian Chocolates, Italian Milk Chocolate Pralines filled with cocoa flavored cream, Caffarel Milk Chocolate Euro and Dollar Bars, Amaretti Virginia Holiday Tins, and Panettones from Italy.

4 Local Herbs to Have on Hand This Holiday

Whether you’re cooking up a holiday feast or listening to Simon & Garfunkel’s song “Scarborough Fair” with lyrics “parsley, sage, rosemary, & thyme,” our friend Sue Borton at Brickel Creek Organic Farm in Jamestown, Ohio, has you covered. She keeps us fueled year-round with fresh herbs and greens. Here are four fresh herbs from Brickel Creek to keep on hand.


This humble herb will find its place in any number of dishes, from potatoes to stuffing. Keep on hand for stews as you find new ways to enjoy turkey leftovers.


It pairs beautifully with butternut squash or add it to turkey before roasting.


Add to stuffing, tuck sprigs into lamb before roasting, or add a sprig to a holiday cocktail.


You’ll definitely want to have this on hand to stuff in your turkey cavity or place in roasting pan to add flavor.

Reliving the Party: The Food & Wine Show

After DLM throws the annual Food & Wine Show, we spend more than a couple of days reviewing all of the pieces that make this event so special. Now that we’ve had time to look back, I thought I’d share some fun Food & Wine Show facts!

• We were thrilled that the “Big Chill” waited until this week so we could get over 600 folks through our doors for the start of the party in less than 15 minutes!

• Happy to report that all fingers are accounted for after shucking 1,000 oysters and cutting 1,000+ pieces of sushi.

• Our servers happily trayed and presented over 4,400 individual hors d’oeuvres.

• We made batch after batch of cheese risotto finishing it in a 90 lb wheel of Grana Padano, which is similar to Parmigiano-Reggiano.

• We had a wonderful representation this year of wine regions and varietals. From rare connoisseur picks to everyday delights, there was truly something for everybody.

• We hope everyone enjoyed the live jazz music from band leader Mike and his mates. This year he celebrated 20 years of entertaining our guests during the show.

• We’re thankful for our 140 associates who help us put this together and make it successful every single year.

Thank you to all who attended this year’s show and to those who helped make this event unforgettable. Mark your calendars for the 2020 Food & Wine Show, happening Thursday, November 5. We are now ready for the holidays to begin!

5 Things to Know About Our Non-GMO DLM Free-Range Turkey


When you visit Bowman & Landes Turkeys in New Carlisle, Ohio, you’ll be greeted by the fall brilliance of splashy colors. DLM has partnered closely with Bowman & Landes to raise our turkeys for the past 14 years.


Two years ago, we proudly announced a huge DLM Difference when it comes to our turkey. We debuted our Non-GMO Project Verified DLM Free-Range Turkey. This was the result of a lengthy, ongoing process we embarked on with Bowman & Landes involving farm audits and documentation of procedures to make sure our flocks were raised Non-GMO Project Verified.


Our turkeys can roam in outdoor greenspace if they wish where they can bob and weave with curiosity. Carl Bowman says that this isn’t just to make a more flavorful turkey, but it provides the conditions for a healthier one.


DLM Turkeys have always been antibiotic and hormone free. They are fed a diet that in addition to being non-GMO, also is 100% vegetarian.


As Carl Bowman told us on a past visit, “A happy turkey is a healthy turkey. … We translate a healthier turkey to a more flavorful one.” We couldn’t agree more.

>>>Reserve your Fresh DLM Free-Range Turkey here!<<<

Here are some turkey tips for your holiday meal!



Made Right Here Bakery Favorites

When you bite into a piece of Grandma Tobias Pie or slather butter on a fluffy Bakehouse Roll, do you ever stop and ponder what “Made Right Here” really means? When it comes to the DLM Bakery’s signature holiday items, we are proud that they are made with top-notch ingredients in our very own DLM Bakehouse. So as you plan your home-cooked, hassle-free holiday, be sure to reserve these favorites for your table.


We use an all-butter crust with a traditional pecan pie filling that’s sweet, gooey, and chock-full of pecans.


The perfect edible centerpiece, we make these beautiful bread baskets by hand that are piled high with two dozen assorted rolls.


So good, it’ll impress even the most discerning mother-in-law. We start with an all-butter crust and fill it with traditional pumpkin pie filling that’s creamy and smooth to taste.


Rich cream cheese folded between layers of pumpkin cake comprise this instant favorite.


Soft and pillowy, each bite of this yeast roll that’s Made Right Here melts in your mouth.


Thanksgiving Turkey Prep: 3 Methods to Try

I love all the November food magazines, blogs, and chefs all claiming they have finally found the best way to cook a turkey. Truth is, there is no one and only best way to cook it. Deciding on the desired end results will help the home cook figure out which particular cooking method can get them there.

Lots of families want the whole roasted bird as the centerpiece of their holiday table. While others want crispy, crackly skin with juicy tender meat inside, sans the stress of carving at the table. Some of us want a simple method that yields easy clean up, with just enough breast meat leftover for sandwiches. Others are in it for the adventure! Whatever you’re looking for, here are three ideas for how to prepare your locally raised Non-GMO DLM Free-Range Turkey, the turkey that’s the talk of the town!

1. The Traditional Whole Roasted Turkey

Step 1: Remove the neck and gizzards and discard or place in the bottom of the roasting pan if you desire. Rinse the turkey, drain well, and pat dry.

Step 2: Rub skin with Vera Jane’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and season well with Kosher salt and DLM Grilling & Seasoning Rub.

Step 3: Fill the cavity with celery, onion, and a quartered lemon. Add an inch of water to the pan and roast covered (uncover at end to lightly brown).

Step 4: Pull when meat thermometer reads 165ºF in the thigh. Let turkey rest for 15-20 minutes before carving. It’s that simple! Hint: If turkey is too large to fit in your pan, see No. 3 below for a Spatchcocked Turkey.

2. Turkey Breast

We all know that dark meat is the most flavorful, but for those white meat fans, roasting a turkey breast is just the ticket.

Step 1: Try rubbing it with an herb butter, either making your own or using our DLM Herb Butter from The DLM Cheese Shop. Rub all over the outside and even tuck some under the skin!

Step 2: Choose a pan that’s slightly larger than your breast. Add about an inch of liquid to it. Try DLM Premium Turkey Broth or channel your inner Ina Garten and use white wine.

Step 3: Cook low and slow to keep meat from drying out. Preheat oven to 325ºF and cook until it reaches 165ºF.

2. Spatchcocked

The benefits are plenty—cut down on cooking time and maximize that crispy skin!

Step 1: Remove turkey’s backbone using a good pair of kitchen shears. Or, ask our Meat department associates to do this for you. Flatten turkey in pan, breast-side up, pushing down on breast bones. Pull thighs outward.

Step 2: Rub with Vera Jane’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and season with sea salt and freshly ground pepper on both sides! Or, use a dry brine for extra crispy skin. Sit turkey uncovered overnight in the fridge.

Step 3: Cook to 165ºF. To carve, remove legs and wings and slice breast meat, paying attention to cut away from breastbone.