Easy Truffle Decadence

Fresh Truffles are seasonal and pretty pricey, but so delicious! We carry them when we can get our hands on them, so if you are a fresh truffle fan come talk to our friendly associates in our Produce departments to find out the specifics.

If you are like me and simply can’t wait for that umami flavor that fresh truffles can give dishes, both truffle oil and truffle salt can be your next best allies.

Truffle oil is best to use as a finishing oil right before you are ready to eat. I like the smaller bottles because a little goes a long way in terms of flavor. The aroma of truffle oil drizzled on the warm food hits your nose right before you get to taste it. There is nothing like it! Try drizzling on pasta, pizza, soups, and on soft scrambled eggs.

Truffle salt is fun to play around with! So delicious on popcorn, which this combination is a perfect pairing for champagne—in case you need an excuse to pop that cold bottle of bubbly. I love it on French fries, baked potatoes, or whipped potatoes made with plenty of butter. It turns the average burger into a flavor bomb! Try mixing a little in your mayo to jazz up your next roast beef or French dip sandwich.

Both truffle oil and truffle salt are naturally good with anything mushroom. It just boosts up that incredible umami flavor. The time is ripe to start savoring the delicious foods of the fall season. Get cooking!

2 comments on “Easy Truffle Decadence

  • During a visit to Seattle we were treated to truffle fries. To begin, I absolutely love the flavor and aroma of truffles, so when these steaming hot fries were brought to our table – well, it was heaven. I have the recipe which includes both truffle oil and truffle salt. My favorite is the white truffle.
    Last night we had spaghetti squash with white truffle butter. Yum!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing! Food is such a pleasure and we love hearing what’s inspiring everyone! that sounds absolutely amazing!

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