Love Cakes by DLM looks forward to helping you design the cake of your dreams. Your wedding day is a major life event, and we are honored when customers invite us to be included in that.

Appointments are available Monday–Friday 9 a.m.-3 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m.-2 p.m.. Consultations may only be scheduled 24 hours in advance. We request no more than four people in attendance and will provide six varieties of delicious cake samples for you to taste. Those samples include: white cake with raspberry filling, yellow cake with strawberry filling, marble cake with chocolate mousse filling, while cake with lemon filling, white and chocolate cake with no filling. If you'd like to make a specialty request for a particular cake sample, there will be a $30 charge, which will go towards your final balance should you place an order. You may look through our cake gallery of photos, but are also welcome to bring your own.

Before Coming To A Wedding Cake Consultation, Consider the Following Questions:

  • Do I want one big wedding cake, or a smaller version with extra sheet cakes or cupcakes on the side?
  • What shape of cake would I prefer—round, square, or hexagon?
  • Do I want a topper, fresh flowers, or any other garnishment on my cake?
  • Would I like my wedding cake iced in white, ivory, or a colored tint of buttercream?
  • Shall I offer my guests more than one flavor or variety?
  • For additional information, please click here

These are just some simple things to think about before meeting with us so as not to feel overwhelmed with questions when you come in. We will help guide you through the decision-making process so that the end result is a beautiful and delicious cake with which you will be delighted.

After all, you’ve chosen Love Cakes By DLM to help create some Delicious Life Moments!

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