Meet the DLM Family

  • Jack Gridley
  • VP of Meat & Seafood
  • Jack Gridley is a familiar, friendly face behind the meat counter. Jack has been a member of the DLM family for over 30 years. With a strong passion for great quality food, Jack has spearheaded many of our creative initiatives during his years at DLM. An avid outdoorsman, Jack enjoys hunting and fishing. He has traveled extensively – out West, where he has spent numerous weeks in a saddle on working cattle ranches; up north to Alaska, where he has worked on boats alongside salmon fishermen; and overseas to Italy, which is one of his very favorite parts of the world. Jack’s mission at DLM is to “help our customers be knowledgeable and successful in preparing products by offering the best quality natural meat and seafood available to our customers”.

DLM Uncured Bacon

At Dorothy Lane Market we believe in offering you products that are Honestly Better™. That is why we chose duBreton Natural Pork to make our own bacon. Du Breton, our Canadian supplier of this top quality pork, adheres to strict principles which include environmental stewardship, natural growing practices, and the humane treatment of animals. Their animals, which are raised on small family farms, are fed 100% vegetarian feed and are given no antibiotics or growth promotants, ever! Varieties of DLM Uncured Bacon include Hickory- Smoked, Cherrywood-Smoked, Applewood-Smoked, Peppered, Jalapeño Flavor, Certified Organic Applewood, or Turkey

For more information about duBreton click here.