Meet the DLM Family

  • Jack Gridley
  • VP of Meat & Seafood
  • Jack Gridley is a familiar, friendly face behind the meat counter. Jack has been a member of the DLM family for over 30 years. With a strong passion for great quality food, Jack has spearheaded many of our creative initiatives during his years at DLM. An avid outdoorsman, Jack enjoys hunting and fishing. He has traveled extensively – out West, where he has spent numerous weeks in a saddle on working cattle ranches; up north to Alaska, where he has worked on boats alongside salmon fishermen; and overseas to Italy, which is one of his very favorite parts of the world. Jack’s mission at DLM is to “help our customers be knowledgeable and successful in preparing products by offering the best quality natural meat and seafood available to our customers”.

Heavenly Ham®

Our exclusive, fully cooked, spiral-sliced, honey-glazed Heavenly Ham® hams are ideal for holidays and special occasions as well as everyday meals. The finest American hams are used, and their natural flavor is enhanced by slow, dry, mild curing and hickory smoking. The spiral-cut, uniform slices are easily released from the bone with just a touch of a knife blade.

Perfect for any special occasion. Heavenly Ham® also makes a superb gift - stop in for either a whole (12-16 lbs) or half (6-8 lbs) Heavenly Ham®. Click to read ingredient list. (PDF)


Our Heavenly Hams are selcted from the finest fresh Iowa hams. They are processed with a mild cure which enhances the natural flavor instead of overpowering it. Hickory smoking during 30 hours of oven baking contributes to the exceptional, unique flavor of Heavenly Ham®. Fully cooked is no exaggeration - an internal thermometer ensures accurate temperature control; in fact, even the marrow of the bone is well done!

Spiral Slicing

After the curing and baking processes, our Heavenly Ham® is spiral sliced. Spiral Slicing is a method of cutting the ham around the bone so that all the slices remain in the place on the bone. Any lengthwise cut releases the uniformly thick slices. "Carving" is worry free!

Honey and Spice Glaze

Each Heavenly Ham® is covered with a special glaze of rich honey and delicate spices that seals in the natural juices and enhancs the natural flavor. Heavenly Ham® ingredients.

Amount to Buy

We suggest 1/2 to 3/4 lbs per person. Shank and butt halves are equally endowed with center-cut ham.


Heavenly Ham® should be refrigerated and will be of optimum quality for up to 5 days. For longer storage, pack tightly in aluminum foil and freeze for up to 60 days. Thaw frozen Heavenly Ham® in the refrigerator. (Heavenly Ham®, because of the lower salt cure used in processing, is more perishable than other hams, but this low-salt curing process results in superior flavor.)


Serve Heavenly Ham® at room temperature, or heat by placing it, with the foil slightly opened at the top, in a 250° oven for 45 minutes - 1 hour. If only a few slices are needed, heat them in a skillet for 2-3 minutes. Heavenly Ham® can also be heated in a microwave.


Half Hams - Use a sharp knife to make a lengthwise cross across the ham next to the bone. This cut releases the spiral-cut slices. To release remaining slices, loosen meat from bone.

Whole Hams - Use a sharp knife and start slicing at the butt end of the ham. Spiral slicing starts a few inches from the end of the ham. Make a lengthwise cut along the round bone; this will release the spiral-cut slices. To release remaining slices, loosen meat from bone.