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Meet the DLM Family

  • Joy Kemp
  • Healthy Living Director
  • Joy Kemp has worked in the health food industry for many years. She has attended Eastern Kentucky University and Sinclair Community College, as well as many seminars and workshops on topics related to health foods and healthy living. Her passion for living a healthy lifestyle is shown in the care and education she provides to her customers every day.

DLM Gluten-Free Food Lovers’ Club

DLM Gluten-Free Food Lovers’ Club

Our mission is to promote the gluten-free community while exploring nutritious real food that tastes good! The DLM Gluten-Free Food Lovers’ Club is a support group. There is no attendance fee or dues involved, and no need to register. However, we welcome advance notice if you are attending as this helps us plan supply needs. We are informal, so feel free to ask questions at anytime. This is a time to feel safe, be among friends, and ask other members about their experiences. Get advice on our lifestyle, favorite doctors, restaurants, or any other topic from people who cope every day.

Find us on Facebook!

We have an active community on our Facebook page. C. A. introduces products new to the shelves at DLM and posts on whatever catches her imagination about the gluten-free community. Everyone is free to post questions and other items of interest.

GF Logo

Look for the Gluten-Free logo in the printed Club Deals each week and throughout the store. Shelf tags and labels with this symbol will guide you to safe items. Always read package labels; manufacturers are constantly changing products as consumers’ tastes change. Foods produced at DLM may have come in contact with peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk, eggs, wheat, fish, or shellfish. As always, let your sensitivity guide you.

Gluten-Free Food Lovers’ Club Newsletter

The newsletter features GF items of interest to those of us who follow the gluten-free diet, as well as a GF recipe. A few items of interest from the web are included, and upcoming events such as club meetings and special events.Sign up here!

We Speak Gluten Free

Food choices are pivotal in many diet-related health conditions. C. A. Diltz‛s responsibility is to help people link beneficial food choices together in a comprehensive, practical way for their specific health condition.

C. A. is available to answer questions and conduct short store tours at our Washington Square store (937) 434-1294 from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily except Tuesday and Saturday; or if you prefer, email her.

If you feel you might need more extensive help, please call ahead to schedule an appointment.

Gluten Free Guide

Always at the leading edge of gluten-free foods in Dayton, DLM is constantly introducing new gluten-free foods to club members and adding products to the shelves. The Dorothy Lane Market Gluten-Free Shopping Guide is available at Guest Services. To maintain our published list in a manageable format, only a select number of our gluten-free products available at our three locations are listed. To find a specific product not listed, ask to speak to the manager on duty or contact C. A. Diltz.