Meet the DLM Family

  • Scott Fox
  • Bakery Director
  • Scott Fox has been in the bakery business for 30 years and has been with DLM since 1996. He started out as an apprentice, eventually taking classes at the AIB (American Institute of Baking). After working in wholesale production bakeries and for four years in a retail shop in Historic Roscoe Village in Coshocton, Ohio, Scott went on to the University of Akron, where he served as Executive Pastry Chef until joining DLM in 1996. Scott’s special qualifications include his 1995 training in the making of artisan breads with the Bread Bakers Guild in France.

Laura's Cookies

These beautiful cookies with their unique almond-flavored frosting are available exclusively through Dorothy Lane Market. They are perfect for any occasion and can be ordered for your special events, such as a wedding or baby shower. Choose from a variety of designs, and let Laura and her staff create cookies for you that will be truly memorable! Special orders may requrie 72 hours advance notice. Laura's cookies come in both small and large sizes. Click here to send some to a loved one!

Available Shapes

S = available in small size;
L = available in large size


Bear Face L
Bee S
Billy Goat S
Butterfly S L
Cat Face L
Cheetah L
Chick-in-Shell S L
Cicada S
Cow L
Dog Face L
Dolphin L
Dove S L
Dragonfly S
Duck S L
Elephant S L
Flamingo L
Frog L
Gecko L
Goldfish S
Goose S
Hippo S
Horse L
Ladybug S L
Lamb S L
Lion L
Moose L
Owl L
Penguin L
Pig S
Polar Bear L
Rabbit Face L
Rhino L
Salamander L
Sand Dollar L
Scallop L
Seahorse L
Seal S
Sheep S L
Shell (Conch) L
Snail L
Squirrel S
Starfish L
Swan L
Teddy Bear S L
T-Rex L
Triceratops L
Tropical Fish (Clown Fish) L
Tropical Fish (Tang) L
Trout L
Turkey S L
Turtle L


Baseball S L
Basketball S L
Blue Ribbon L
Football S L
Football Helmet L
Indy Flag L
Megaphone L
Race Car L
Soccer Ball S L
Tennis Ball S L
T-shirt S L
Volleyball S L


Angel S
Baby Bottle L
Baby Carriage L
Baby Rattle L
Bell S L
Blue Ribbon L
Cake (one layer) L
Cake (Wedding 3-tier) L
Coffee Mug L
Clown S
Cross S L
Diamond Ring L
Flag L
Graduation Cap L
Heart S L
Martini Glass L
Party Hat L
Pineapple L
Ribbon S
Rocking Horse S L
Rubber Ducky S L
Shooting Star S
Teacup L
Teapot L
Teddy Bear S L
T-shirt S L
Wedding Dress L


Airplane S
Barn L
Birdhouse L
Bus (school) L
Cruise Ship L
Firetruck L
Hammer L
Helicopter L
House S L
Lighthouse L
Pick-Up Truck L
Pliers L
Race Car L
Sailboat S
Space Rocket L
Screwdrivers S
Tractor L
Train Engine L
Wrench L


Cowboy Hat S
Crown L
Football Helmet L
Graduation Cap L
Jester Hat L
Mardi Gras Mask S
Party Hat L
Stocking Cap L
Straw Hat with Flowers L

Additional Shapes

Book (open) L
Boot (Cowboy) L
Clown S
Coffee Mug L
Crayon S
Dog Bone S L
Fan (Lady's) L
Flower Basket L
Fleur de Lis L
House S L
Ice Cream Cone S L
Key (skeleton) L


Angel S
Angel (side view) L
Bell S L
Candy Cane S
Door (holiday decorated) L
Gingerbread Boy S L
Gingerbread Girl S L
Lightbulb S
Mitten S
Ornament (teardrop) L
Ornament (round) S L
Reindeer S
Reindeer Head L
Santa (face) L
Snowflake (6pt) L
Snowflake (round) S L
Snowman S L
Snowman (face with hat) L
Star S L
Stocking L
Stocking Cap L
Tree S L
Wreath (with bow) L


Carrot S
Chick in a 1/2 Shell S L
Cross S L
Daffodil L
Daisy S L
Dove S L
Eggs S L
Lamb S L
Lily L
Pansy S
Rabbit (running) S
Rabbit (side view) L


Boo S L
Cat Face L
Cat (scared) L
Bat L
Candy Corn L
Ghost S L
Ghost in Pumpkin L
Frankenstein Face L
Pumpkin S L
Spider (on round) S L
Spider Web (on round) S L
Tombstone S
Witch Face L


Driedel L
Star of David L

Mardi Gras

Jester Hat L
Mardi Gras Mask S
Party Hats L

New Year's Day

Party Hats L
Rectangle (Happy New Year) S L
Round S L


Fireworks (round) S L
Flag L
Shooting Star S
Star S L
Uncle Sam L

St. Patrick's Day

Beer Mug L
Pot o' Gold L
Shamrocks S L


Acorn S
Apple S L
Corn (ear) L
Cornucopia L
Grape (cluster) S L
Oak/Maple Leaves S L
Pear S L
Pumpkin S L
Turkey S L

Valentine's Day

Hearts S L
Lips S
Rosebud S
Round S L


Acorn S
Apple S L
Carrot S
Cherries S
Corn (ear) L
Cosmos L
Daffodil L
Daisy S L
Dianthus L
Dogwood L
Grapes (cluster) S L
Holly Leaf S
Iris L
Lily L
Maple Leaf S L
Oak Leaf S L
Orchid S
Pansy S
Palm Tree L
Pear S L
Pineapple S L
Pumpkin S L
Rosebud S
Strawberry L
SunflowerS L
Tulip S
Tulip with Leaves L
Zinnia S