Meet the DLM Family

  • Todd Templin
  • VP of Beer, Wine, and The DLM Cheese Shop
  • Todd Templin, CSW has been with Dorothy Lane Market for over 25 years. He has taken wine classes at Miami University and traveled extensively to increase his knowledge of wine. Todd has attended many seminars, food shows, and tastings in search of quality wines for Dorothy Lane Market.

DLM Handmade Mozzarella

According to legend, mozzarella was first made when cheese curds accidentally fell into a pail of hot water in a cheese factory near Naples, Italy. Mozzarella was originally made with the milk of water buffaloes and was called “mozzarella di bufala”. Later on, however, some was made with fresh cow’s milk and was referred to as “fior di latte”, or, “flower of the milk”. Today there are two types of mozzarella that are produced in America: low-moisture mozzarella, which has a moisture content of less than 50%, and fresh mozzarella, which contains more than 52% moisture. Low-moisture mozzarella is what most of us think of when we hear mozzarella; it is widely available in supermarkets and mass-produced in factories for the pizza industry. Fresh mozzarella, however, is soft, moist, and more perishable.

There are two basic types of fresh mozzarella: industrially produced fresh mozzarella that is available in specialty food stores, and handmade fresh mozzarella, which is very hard to find in most places other than New York City. Industrially produced fresh mozzarella, while leaps and bounds ahead of the low-moisture variety, is generally a little old by the time you get it to your table. Fresh mozzarella should be soft and moist, with a slightly sweet milky taste, and should also have a spongy texture that oozes with milk when you bite into it. Once you start to refrigerate fresh mozzarella its consistency starts to change, and the longer it is refrigerated the more it breaks down and becomes somewhat slimy. That is why we here at Dorothy Lane Market are now making our very own handmade fresh mozzarella on a daily basis, so that we will be able to provide you with the very freshest of products.