Meet the DLM Family

  • Todd Templin
  • VP of Beer, Wine, and The DLM Cheese Shop
  • Todd Templin, CSW has been with Dorothy Lane Market for over 25 years. He has taken wine classes at Miami University and traveled extensively to increase his knowledge of wine. Todd has attended many seminars, food shows, and tastings in search of quality wines for Dorothy Lane Market.

Spanish Cheeses


This cheese is much milder, but has the same creamy texture as Cabrales or Valdeón. Covadonga is a new hit among blue cheeses in Spain. Made with a blend of pasteurized cow's and sheep's milk, its flavor is fresh, mildly spicy, and delicately salty. Rindless and blue veined with flecks of Penicillium roqueforti, it can be used perfectly for salads, on grilled meats, or on pasta.

Spanish Manchego

Popular sheep's milk cheese. Mild, slightly briny, nutty flavor. Pair with a Tempranillo Spanish wine.

Drunken Goat

Drunken Goat is what you get when you take a lovely, firm goat cheese and immerse it in red wine!


A Manchego-style cheese made with blended cow's, goat's, and sheep's milk. One of the most popular cheeses in Spain, this cheese is mild with herbal flavors and a deep aroma.