Meet the DLM Family

  • Todd Templin
  • VP of Beer, Wine, and The DLM Cheese Shop
  • Todd Templin, CSW has been with Dorothy Lane Market for over 25 years. He has taken wine classes at Miami University and traveled extensively to increase his knowledge of wine. Todd has attended many seminars, food shows, and tastings in search of quality wines for Dorothy Lane Market.

English, Welsh, and Irish Cheeses

Comprised of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland, much of the land is extremely fertile pastureland and is said to be home to five times as many cattle as humans. Cheesemaking is a daily routine of the British culture.


Colston Bassett Stilton

This is the creamiest, tastiest Stilton you’ll find. Unlike most other Stiltons, the flavor is strong and lingers on your tongue without being sharp or overpowering. Even the rind of this Stilton is moist, and the inside of the cheese is creamy throughout.


You will love the layers of flavor in this British cheese. Farmhouse Gloucester is layered with blue-veined Stilton for a rich combination. Pair with a Pinot Noir or Port wine.

Kirkham’s Lancashire

This Lancashire, with its buttered-cloth rind, has a lemony, yogurty flavor and a moist, rich texture that is best described by locals as a buttery crumble.

Keens Cheddar

Made by one of only three remaining producers making traditional farmstead Cheddar with unpasteurized cow’s milk in the English county of Somerset, this classic English Cheddar has a creamy, tangy flavor and a rich, satisfying texture.

Westcombe Cheddar

This award-winning cheese is cheddared by hand, and made with the milk produced by the cheesemakers’ own cows. Aged a minimum of 11 months.

Westcombe Red

This lovely red cheese from the Calver family of Somerset, England is made with raw cow’s milk and dyed with all-natural annatto. Similar to Lancashire, it has a pleasant, medium-sharp flavor, and looks beautiful on a cheese plate.

Quickes Extra Mature Cheddar

A full-flavored, clothbound cheddar that is matured for a longer length of time to achieve great complexity and a wonderful bite. Perfect for a cheese plate, it pairs well with a Dolcetto from Piedmont.


Irish Cheddar

A nice contrast of earthy and milky flavors. Serve it with a Stout or Côtes du Rhône wine.


Black Mountain

Black Mountain is a combination of garlic, herbs, and wine blended with creamy Cheddar, which makes this a potent, assertive cheese. Try melted on baked potatoes, stuffed in chicken, or on its own with crusty bread and washed down with a pint of ale. (Available Seasonally)


Harlech is a zesty, smooth cheese named after Harlech Castle in Northern Wales. Harlech is a mature Cheddar blended with horseradish and parsley. This vegetarian cheese is perfect as a table cheese to add a contrast to any cheese course. (Available Seasonally)

Red Dragon

This smooth, firm, tasty Cheddar is made with Welsh brown ale and mustard seeds. Red Dragon is a buttery and spicy cheese with plenty of bite, but is not too hot. Not only do the mustard seeds give Red Dragon its marvelous flavor, but also its texture. Serve as a table cheese or melted on toast with dark ale; or try a Shiraz, if you prefer wine. (Available Seasonally)