Meet the DLM Family

  • Todd Templin
  • VP of Beer, Wine, and The DLM Cheese Shop
  • Todd Templin, CSW has been with Dorothy Lane Market for over 25 years. He has taken wine classes at Miami University and traveled extensively to increase his knowledge of wine. Todd has attended many seminars, food shows, and tastings in search of quality wines for Dorothy Lane Market.

French Cheeses

Undoubtedly, France's regions boast a majestic array of cheese unparalleled in shape, texture, and flavor. This country, about the size of the state of Texas, produces nearly 650 kinds of cheese. The French enjoy cheese as a course in a meal or a hearty snack when eaten with crusty bread.

Fromage with Herbs

The classic French cheese dressed up with herbs. Serve with a Syrah or Grenache wine.


Buttery, muenster-like cheese from the high mountain pastures in France of the same name. Try it with a Muscat or Beaujolais.


A soft cow's milk cheese from the Franche-Comté region of France. Spread on a baguette and enjoy with a glass of Beaujolais for a taste of heaven.

Comté Saint-Antoine

From the Jura region of the French Alps, this Gruyère-style cheese is arguably the most famous Comté. Made of raw cow’s milk, Comté Saint-Antoine is a specialty in the truest sense of the word. With its firm and supple texture, this cheese melts in your mouth, leaving you with flavors that range from dense and smoky to sweet and fruity.

Delice De France

The pride of northern France's Normandy region. Bloomy rind - huge flavor. Serve with all Gamay and Pinot Noir reds as well as Burgundy's Clos Vougeot.

Président Emmental

The Emmental cheese-making process is an old tradition, using pure cow’s milk and a maturation period of at least four months. This process allows the Emmental to develop into a mild, slightly nutty tasting cheese with cherry-sized “eyes”.


Made from whole, unpasteurized cow's milk, Raclette is typically aged three to four months. Smoother than Gruyère, Raclette has a creamy and supple texture, with fruity undertones that intensify when melted.

Raw Milk Blue D'auvergne

Made from raw milk aged for 60 to 90 days, this is a rich, intense, creamy blue from France. Serve with nice bottle of Piazzano Bianco Dell'empolese or port wine.

Raw Milk French Raclette

Aged 60 to 90 days, this is a beefy, full-flavored melting cheese. Pour melted cheese over boiled potatoes for a classic dish of the same name. Pair it with a Chardonnay wine, stout, or ale.

Société Roquefort

The Roquefort-Société Company has been making quality Roquefort since 1863. The secret of this great cheese lies in the aging cellars built in the 17th century. Made with fresh raw sheep’s milk, Société Roquefort has a fine milky-white paste veined with emerald green and a well-balanced flavor.