Be Healthy

Meet the DLM Family

  • Joy Kemp
  • Healthy Living Director
  • Joy Kemp has worked in the health food industry for many years. She has attended Eastern Kentucky University and Sinclair Community College, as well as many seminars and workshops on topics related to health foods and healthy living. Her passion for living a healthy lifestyle is shown in the care and education she provides to her customers every day.

DLM Healthy Living Brand Supplements

What’s So Special About DLM Healthy Living Brand Supplements?

When we set out to find a manufacturer for our own DLM Healthy Living supplements, we were determined to find a company with exceedingly high standards like our own. We were not interested in finding the cheapest; we simply wanted the best quality.

Our manufacturer carefully checks the materials for potency and clarity beyond the number of times required by the Food and Drug Administration. The raw materials are assayed upon arrival at the manufacturer and during the manufacturing process. The finished product is assayed again prior to shipping. Our supplier has been in business since 1924 and has never had a recall for a deficient product! Nonetheless, a sample of each batch produced is kept for five years.

Did you know that the FDA has different levels of registration for laboratories producing drugs as opposed to labs simply producing nutritional supplements? We’re proud to say that our manufacturer has been judged to be of such a high standard that they could legally produce drugs, even though they only produce nutritional supplements. Our supplier is one of the few to have its own microbiological testing laboratory. This lab is used to test not only for contaminating bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli, but also for potency of certain B vitamins like folic acid, biotin, and B-12.

DLM Healthy Living Supplements are packed in glass bottles for good reasons. Glass is the best barrier against air and moisture while allowing you to see exactly what’s in the bottle. The bottom of each bottle is stamped with an expiration date, so you know you’re buying fresh product.

We think you will be pleased with DLM Healthy Living supplements once you try them. We are confident that you will find them to be of the highest quality. But what else would you expect from Dorothy Lane Market?