Deli & Kitchen

Meet the DLM Family

  • Jason Belcher
  • Director of Food Service
  • Jason Belcher started his career at Dorothy Lane Market as a carryout at Washington Square over fourteen years ago. He has worked in various departments, including five years as Deli Manager, going to extraordinary lengths to satisfy and delight our customers. His high standards make him want to meet and exceed their expectations every time they walk through the front door. His goal is to sell the highest quality product, and he does this by evaluating every ingredient with specific criteria. In his spare time he enjoys softball, golf, and spending time with his wife, a former DLM associate, and two daughters.

Our Kitchen Staff

All that beautiful food you see in our cases is made by some beautiful people right here in our kitchens at each store! We use the same great ingredients that you buy for your own home, such as DLM Fresh Free-Range, Air-Chilled Chicken and local produce that is in season. Our recipes are developed and tested by our very talented corporate chef, Carrie Walters. And our cooks, such as Adrianne, Kenton, and Kim, are very hard-working people who take pride in making tasty, healthy food. For example, in our egg salad we use local free-range eggs, and then boil and crack them by hand. We make our soups entirely from scratch, including making the stock. We hand pull the meat off the chickens to make our chicken pot pie. You get the idea—we simply love making good food! So, even when you don’t have the time to cook at home, you can still feed your family well from the DLM Deli & Kitchen.