Deli & Kitchen

Meet the DLM Family

  • Donna Howell
  • Deli Director
  • Donna started her career in 1985 working in the Oakwood Deli/Bakery. Within nine years she became Deli Director for the company. She enjoys pursuing great foods from all around the world, and bringing them to DLM. Her passion for food, customer service, and talent in merchandising shines through in each of our stores. Our high-quality prepared foods make her proud to serve you everyday. Donna also takes pleasure in the fact that our Delis prepare everything from scratch with only the freshest ingredients and no added preservatives. In her spare time, she enjoys drag racing, playing with her dog, and spending time at the lake.

DLM Signature Meats

For years we have partnered with the fine folks at Bowman & Landes Turkey Farm of New Carlisle, a fourth-generation family business with three generations actively involved at present. The turkeys they raise for us have never been administered antibiotics or animal by-products, and they are entirely vegetarian grain-fed. The result is clean, true turkey flavor! Enjoy all of our great varieties listed below. View Turkey Nutritional Information (PDF)

All-Natural Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast

Our classic best seller with the flavor of a home-roasted turkey. Great on just about any sandwich, especially with our Bakery’s Artisan Farmhouse Bread.

Real Wood Smoked Uncured Turkey Breast

Bowman & Landes uses a traditional wood smoker with real wood chips to impart a smoky finish. We think you will love its mild and well-balanced flavor.

All-Natural Raspberry Chipotle Turkey Breast

This fun concoction contains chipotle flakes, dried raspberries, and natural hickory smoke. If you like a little bit of sweet and heat, then try this.

All-Natural Herb-Roasted Turkey Breast

Classic roasted flavor, with hints of herbs and black pepper. Enjoy it on sandwiches, or ask for thick slices to heat and serve as a main course.

All-Natural Mesquite Turkey Breast

This one has the unique flavor of natural mesquite wood. A good one to pack for a picnic and have around a campfire with a DLM French Baguette.

All-Natural Honey Maple Turkey Breast

Made with natural honey and real maple syrup; makes a yummy sandwich for your child’s lunch box.

If you love a good ham sandwich, then look no further. Our great tasting hams are made for us by our friends at Usinger’s in Wisconsin, who use only pork specifically made for us in their impeccably clean, traditional smoke house. The pork is the same we sell in our Meat Department, duBreton, which comes from Certified Humane family farms that raise the pigs in a natural habitat without the use of added hormones or antibiotics. We also specify that our hams are made with whole muscle meat, and have no added nitrates or nitrites. Once you taste our deli hams, you will see how the flavor is worth the extra effort. View Ham Nutritional Information (PDF)

All-Natural Deluxe
Cooked Ham

This is the traditional choice for the good ol’ ham sandwich, except ours tastes better! Put it on our Bakery’s Unbleached White or Classic 10 Grain sandwich bread and pack it in your family’s lunch boxes. They will love it.

All-Natural Uncured
Maple-Glazed Smoked Ham

The Usinger's smoke our hams slowly with real wood chips in their custom-built traditional smoke houses, and use no added nitrates or nitrites. The smoky flavor is perfectly balanced with the clean taste of the ham. Very nice on a sandwich made with our Bakery’s Farmhouse Bread, a slice of mild Swiss cheese, and a dab of good mayo.

All-Natural Uncured Smoked Ham

This one has just a hint of real maple syrup, for a smoky, slightly sweet flavor. Get it sliced very thin and pile up on a soft sub bun with some melted provolone cheese for a great “grinder.”