Meet the DLM Family

  • Scott Fox
  • Bakery Director
  • Scott Fox has been in the bakery business for 30 years and has been with DLM since 1996. He started out as an apprentice, eventually taking classes at the AIB (American Institute of Baking). After working in wholesale production bakeries and for four years in a retail shop in Historic Roscoe Village in Coshocton, Ohio, Scott went on to the University of Akron, where he served as Executive Pastry Chef until joining DLM in 1996. Scott’s special qualifications include his 1995 training in the making of artisan breads with the Bread Bakers Guild in France.

Killer Brownie®

Our exclusive, multi-layer brownies are big (each weighs nearly 1/3 lb), moist, and rich – the ultimate treat for the most discriminating chocoholic. Click here to ship brownies to a friend today!

The Original Killer Brownie®

Multiple layers of chocolate brownie; rich, gooey caramel; and chopped pecans make for a treat you won’t soon forget.

Cream Cheese Killer Brownie®

A layer of cream cheese in the middle of an Original gives this brownie a taste all its own.

Blonde Ambition Killer Brownie®

Macadamia nuts, Heath mix, and white chocolate added to caramel and a blonde brownie make this one a winner!

German Chocolate Killer Brownie®

This is the only brownie in our Killer Brownie® family that is made without caramel. Instead, this one is topped with German Chocolate icing containing coconut, almonds, and pecans.

Not-A-Nutter Killer Brownie®

We add extra chocolate chips to this form of the Original and, as the name indicates, we skip the nuts.

Killer Brownie® Tin

Looking for a great gift idea for the right price? Our Killer Brownie® Gift Tin is the answer! Four of our world-renowned layered brownies in our elegant gift tin. This would make a perfect hostess gift or ideal present for the babysitter, mailman, college student, and neighbors. Easy, convenient, and the best dessert! Click here to order online today!

Peppermint Killer Brownie®

Thick layers of chocolate and caramel with chocolate chips, peppermint cream filling, and a sprinkle of peppermints!

Peanut Butter Killer Brownie®

Picture an Original with peanuts and peanut butter added. Now, take a bite and savor!

Salted Caramel Killer Brownie®

We take our Original and sprinkle a generous layer of coarse sea salt into the rich, buttery caramel. The perfect blend of sweet and salty!

Brookie Killer Brownie®

The Brookie combines the decadent recipe of our Not-A-Nutter Killer Brownie® with the classic, homemade taste of chocolate chip cookies. We combine multiple layers of chocolate brownie with rich, gooey caramel and chocolate chips, and top it off with a thick layer of chocolate chip cookie.

Killer Brownie® Bites

Imagine the Original Killer Brownie® divided into mouth-watering, bite-size pieces, and then each piece covered in chocolate and lightly dusted with powdered sugar. Bet you can’t eat just one!

Killer Brownie® Tray

Our Killer Brownie® trays are always a hit, no matter what the occasion or time of day. Our famous multi-layered brownies - rich and delicious - are quartered, papered, and placed on a tray. Your choice of an Original or Assorted tray contains 28 pieces topped with 12 cookies. Click here to order online today!