Caring for Flowers and Plants

Vase Arrangements

Take your fresh flowers to their destination as quickly as possible. Select a vase or container, then approximate the length you would like your stems to be. With a sharp knife, cleanly cut off the bottom of stems according to your desired length. (Using scissors can harm the stems.) Remove any leaves that will be below water level to help prevent bacteria growth. In your vase, mix water with flower food before placing flowers in it. Be sure to portion flower food according to directions on the packet to increase the longevity of flowers. We are glad to provide you with floral food! Every 2 to 3 days, change the water and re-cut the stems.

Storing Fresh Flowers

Follow the care instructions to the left and store them in a cool space away from direct sunlight. If you store fresh flowers in a refrigerator, keep them away from fresh fruit. Fruit gives off a naturally occurring substance called ethylene, which quickens the blooming process and diminishes flowers’ longevity.

Arrangements in
Floral Foam

Flowers arranged in floral foam need to be watered to moisten the foam, which acts like a sponge and dries out quickly. Water the arrangement every 1 to 2 days. Aim water onto the foam, which will absorb and retain it. Most floral foam is treated with flower food, which is activated with water.