Product Recall Details

Recalled Product: Gold Medal Flour
Recall Date: 05/31/2016
Criteria for Recall: 13.5 oz Gold Medal Wondra Flour UPC 0-16000-18980

5 lb Gold Medal All-Purpose Unbleached Flour UPC 0-16000-19610

5 lb Gold Medal All-Purpose Flour UPC 0-16000-10610

2 lb Gold Medal Flour UPC 0-16000-10710

Health or Safety Concern: General Mills is voluntarily recalling their Gold Medal Flour and Wondra Flour due to the potential for it to be contaminated with E Coli. To date, none has been found in any General Mills flour products or their facilities. The CDC has tracked that 38 people have become ill across 20 states and half of these individuals reported making something with flour and eating the raw batter or dough. Some reported using Gold Medal flour. Consumers are reminded to never eat draw dough or batter. Out of abundance of caution, General Mills felt it was important to recall the product and replace it for customers.

Action: Please return your Gold Medal Flour to DLM Guest Services for a full refund.
For More Information: Customers looking for more information should call General Mills at 1-800-230-8103.