Product Recall Details

Recalled Product: GoPicnic Hummus & Crackers
Recall Date: 09/09/2013
Criteria for Recall: Lot Code 10303, 10373,10383, 10503, 10513, 10523, 10623, 10663, 10793, 10803,10923, M13106, 11063, M23107, M23143, 11143, }M13115, M23136, M13144, M13151, M23151, M23152, M23164, M13171, M13176, M23176, M13183, M23183, M13184, M23184

Health or Safety Concern: GoPicnic has initiated a voluntary recall because the dark chocolate may contain an undeclared milk allergen. If you are not allergic to milk products, it is safe to consume.

Action: Please return your GoPicnic Hummus & Crackers with the above lot codes and if you are allergic to milk to DLM for a full refund.
For More Information: Contact the company at -1-773-328-2490