Asian Dim Sum To Go!

By: Chef Carrie Walters | Culinary Director
On: June 19, 2012

You’ll now find a nice variety of our Asian appetizers at your favorite DLM every day. We’ve packaged up our superb quality dumplings, potstickers, and spring rolls for your convenience.

Look for the Jumbo Shrimp Tempura that is beautifully golden brown and comes with our homemade Firecracker Sauce. The firecracker sauce is made in our kitchens with sriracha and sweet chiles for a totally balanced sweet-hot flavor. Not only will you find delicious Vegetable Egg Rolls, but Crunchy Spring Rolls too. My favorite this week are the cute Steamed Pork Buns stuffed with BBQ pork. They heat up easy in the microwave and are ready to eat in seconds! New to this line up are the Edamame Potstickers — these are delicious. Remember that DLM is the best place to taste something new, so ask our friendly associates for a sample. We think you will love them!

The dumplings and potstickers can be popped into the microwave for a tender bite, or pan fried for a crispier crunch. The tempura and spring rolls heat up best in a hot oven.

Grab a package the next time you are in and have some fun with dim sum!