The Perfect Charcuterie Board

Let your creative liberties take flight as you arrange cured meats, cheeses, and accompaniments on your board or plate. Set out, and watch your guests enjoy this culinary tradition that truly has withstood the test of time.

Start at the DLM Delicatessen and select specialty meats, such as: Westphalian Ham, Prosciutto di Parma, Serrano Ham, and Speck Ham. Don’t forget to ask for them to be cut paper-thin. You’ll also find pre-sliced Jamón Ibérico by FERMIN and other assorted cured meats pre-sliced by Creminelli, including prosciutto, bresaola, calabrese, varzi, and felino.

Next, head over to The DLM Cheese Shop as one often forgotten component of a charcuterie board is the pâté, which the French are famous for perfecting. Pâté, which simply means “paste,” is made of various meats such as rabbit, chicken, wild boar, pheasant, etc., in addition to pork. Grab some Rustic Bakery crackers while you are over there and head over to the Bakery for our own scratch-baked Miche or French Ficelle bread. Last but not least, grab something sweet or tangy to contrast the saltiness of the meat, like chutney or a quality jam and some good rustic mustard.