Smoked Salmon “Martinis”

8 oz DLM Smoked Salmon
1 lemon
Freshly ground pepper
1 Tbsp fresh dill, chopped
6 slices Pepperidge Farm Party Pumpernickel Bread
10 Tbsp crème fraîche
2 tsp capers
1 Tbsp chives, chopped, plus several sprigs

Coarsely chop the smoked salmon and place in bowl. Squeeze

over it the juice of one lemon and the zest of half of the lemon. Add freshly ground pepper to taste and the fresh dill. Stir to combine. Next, cut the pumpernickel bread into small cubes(about the size of a crouton). In a clear martini glass begin the layering. Start with crème fraîche, bread cubes, and the salmon, repeating one or two more times (depending on the size of your martini glass), ending with smoked salmon and a dollop of crème fraîche. Garnish top with capers, chopped chives, and a few sprigs of chives to add height. Serve with a fork.

Variations: Substitute mashed potatoes or Lavosh crackers (served on the side) for the pumpernickel bread.

Substitute horseradish cream for the crème fraîche.

Makes 4–6 servings
Prep Time: 30 Minutes

Per serving: 174 calories (58% calories from fat); 11g total fat; 6g saturated fat; 39mg cholesterol; 665mg sodium; 6g total carbohydrates; 1g dietary fiber; 12g protein;

Allergy Warning: Contains milk and fish and wheat