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Take a Bite Out of the Rio Olympics!

chef_carrie_banner_672Brazi Bites blog

While I have been watching the Rio Olympics my family, I have been indulging in the best snack—Brazi Bites Brazilian Cheese Bread (Pão de Queijo). I like to think of them as a Brazilian version of a French gourgères.

We carry them on our freezer cases and in 20 minutes you have a cheesy, slightly chewy nosh that you simply can’t stop eating!  Made with tapioca flour, they are both gluten free and made with non-GMO ingredients. You can even  serve them “American style” with a side of DLM Original Marinara sauce for dipping!

 Go Team USA!


Hatch Chile Season is Here!


Hatch Chile Roaster_2013_0021 (Custom)

It’s officially Hatch Chile season here, and we couldn’t be more excited. The smell is incredible, but the taste of a roasted Hath Chile is even better.

What’s the big deal, you ask? First off, the season is really short – only a couple of weeks. Folks wait in line for hours in New Mexico to buy up enough to last in their freezer all year. Secondly, and most importantly, it is the taste of these chiles. They are a perfect balance of both flavor and heat. Hatch Chilies are green and slender and look a little similar to an Anaheim. They are named after the town of Hatch, New Mexico, and its environs where they are grown. The roasting of the chiles is an important step because the outside skins are tough. The roasting blisters the skin insuring it can be scraped off.

DLM sells them in quart containers that are recipe ready or perfect to pop in your freezer to enjoy later. Come by, say hi, and watch us roast them this weekend!

Here are some ideas for ramping up some flavor using Hatch Chiles:

• Lay a slab on a cheeseburger
• Chop ‘em up and add to macaroni and cheese
• Use to jazz up plain rice
• Bake into your favorite cornbread or corn pudding recipe
• Bake into chocolate cookies
• Makes an excellent addition to a grilled cheese sandwich
• Purée into pesto
• Scramble some along with our organic eggs


Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director

Feeling Wilted? Sip on This!


Big Easy

When the afternoon hits and I start to lose concentration, I feel like there are only two choices: take a nap or drink some caffeine. For me taking a nap is never really an option-especially at work! Instead, I head to the DLM Coffee Bar in search of the perfect pick-me-upper.

This summer my go-to drink is our version of Vietnamese iced coffee. We call it The Big Easy. The DLM Coffee Bar cold brews coffee and chicory root together which adds a distinctive floral/slightly winey flavor profile. Then it is  sweetened it up just like they do in Southeast Asia with a little bit of sweetened condensed milk, then it’s poured over ice. It’s cold, refreshing, and tropically sweet. So not only do you get a lift from the caffeine, but the sugar helps to shake off the afternoon haze so you can get back on track and focused.

This summer, there’s an added bonus: Half Price Frappé Hour at the Coffee Bars! Every day this summer, from 3 to 5 p.m., receive any cold or iced beverage for half off. So when the heat and the humidity starts to make you feel a little wilted, come by and try our Big Easy for half the price.


Meet the Vegetable Butcher


vegetable butcher

Cara Mangini was one of the first ‘vegetable butchers’ at Eataly in New York City. (Fun fact- she married a Jeni’s Ice Cream guy and he convinced her to move to Columbus, Ohio!) She is now the owner and executive chef of Little Eater, a produce-inspired restaurant, and Little Eater Produce and Provisions, selling local and artisan foods in Columbus at the North Market.

She will teach us some of her butchery secrets, plus show us how to cook some of her favorite recipes from her bestselling cookbook The Vegetable Butcher.

Some seats are still available, so register online to save your spot at this fun class!



Sweet & Salty Summer


My newest summer obsession is a seasonal flavor of Jeni’s Ice Cream – Atlantic Beach Pie. I had never heard of this pie, so at first I wasn’t prone to spend almost $10 on a new flavor!  I already have such a hard time deciding which one of her amazing flavors I am willing to commit to standing in front of the ice cream freezer doors here at DLM.  But this combo of tart citrus, sweet cream, and saltine crackers has been buzzing around the summer issues of Food & Wine and Bon Appétit, so I figured I’d give it a try. My only regret is that it took me so long!

On Jeni’s website she describes this flavor as “Sweet cream layered with tart lemon pudding and saltine gravel – based on the classic Southern pie.”  My goodness—what’s not to like, especially in the summer? The salty soda crackers are found in clumps that still manage to be dry and crunchy, swirled into lightly sweetened cream with tart ribbons of thick lemon deliciousness.

Dining out? Here in Dayton, my good friend Wiley (chef and owner of Meadowlark & Wheatpenny) already has her version on the menu.  Baked from scratch complete with a saltine crust, you should order this dessert the next time you are out. Perfectly balanced, it’s a great, flavorful way to end a summer meal!


Perfect Cup – Anywhere!


aeropress blog

New to DLM this month is the AeroPress coffee maker.

I love it not just because it makes a wicked cup of coffee, but it’s both affordable AND portable!! You now can have that great cup of coffee on road trips, in hotel rooms, and even camping. My coffee snob son uses it in his dorm every day!

The AeroPress uses gentle air pressure for brewing that yields a richer flavor with lower acidity and bitterness. The grounds are totally immersed for uniform extraction resulting in a full, rich cup of your favorite coffee. The AeroPress has microfilters for grit-free coffee every time, unlike any other press-type coffee maker such as a French Press. Plus it’s fast—one minute from start to first sip. It’s made in the USA and has great reviews!

Want to taste the difference? Our DLM Coffee Bars can brew you up a cup and taste it for yourself!


Become a Sour Puss!


blogJoin us in the pickle craze! What’s old is new again, and the ancient art of using a brine to help preserve fruits and veggies is back with a vengeance. This popular food trend isn’t going anywhere! Quite frankly, I hope it’s here to stay.

Whether you are from Portland, Brooklyn, or rural Ohio, you will be seeing it a lot more, showing up in food magazines, restaurant menus, and right here at DLM! Why not learn how easy it is to do in your home kitchen?

The DLM Culinary Center has picked up a new line of really cool (and colorful) fermentation kits for the home cook. The kits come complete with directions, recipes, and everything else you need to make your own kombucha, kimchi, pickles, and even sauerkraut!

Here are a couple good reasons you should become a sour puss:

 – Increase and extends your availability to Eat Local! A lot of our local produce can be available yearlong from your pantry- think beets, tomatoes, asparagus, onions, Swiss chard, mustard greens….

 – It’s really good for you! Fermented foods are great for your digestive track.

 – Pickled veggies and their brine make for a pretty good cocktail! (Brunch anyone?!)


Watermelon in Salsa?


The answer is YES! We’ve introduced our newest DLM fresh salsa highlighting our local watermelon. It’s cool, crisp, sweet, and a little hot!

 In the summer, I love serving watermelon salad as a main course. On a platter, layer a couple of  slabs of cold watermelon then pile crumbled feta, slivered red onion, pitted Kalamata olives, and some cold cocktail shrimp on top. Drizzle on some good olive oil, such as Vera Jane’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, and a showering of fresh mint or basil to finish it off and boom—dinner is done. It’s perfect: every bite salty, sweet, and just plain refreshing.

 With 90° right around the corner and grilling season here, why not feature some cool watermelon in a salsa?

 We toss fresh-cut ripe watermelon and crisp cucumbers together with a couple handfuls of  diced tomatoes. Fresh, zippy jalapeños are finely diced and thrown in with cilantro and lime juice. It’s so refreshing! Again like that salad, it has it all – sweet, hot, and crunchy just waiting for you to come up with a way to serve it!

 My favorite way to use watermelon salsa lately is dolloped onto freshly grilled fish like swordfish or any firm white fish. Another grill option for a warm/cold starter is grilling off a piece of halloumi cheese brushed with a little DLM Pure Olive Oil, and spooning that salsa right on top!

 Dig into summer with our new salsa!


Cast Iron Perfection!


blog 1

Just in! Check out our new line of heirloom quality cast iron cookware. Finex is a Portland, Oregon-based company that is doing so many things right.  Their design work for each pan is inspired by the best in vintage American cast iron skillets, but ready for everyday use in today’s modern kitchens.

The pans we brought in are designed to endure years of regular, everyday use. This cast iron is polished and seasoned for an easy-to-release surface that leaves more food on your plate and less in the skillet. The castings are thicker than other cast iron cookware to optimize modern searing techniques ( aka HIGH HEAT) for that perfectly seared steak. A beautiful, but practical spring handle is part of the integral design that is engineered to stay cooler so you can grip the pan while cooking.

I am excited to start using the square grill pan at home. My home grill cannot beat the sear marks that this excellent quality cast iron can give my steaks, fish, and chicken. Now I won’t have to battle the blasted heat and humidity while trying to get my backyard grill to perform the proper way. I can sear dinner right in my air-conditioned kitchen! Click here to learn the story behind Finex.

Happy hot summer!


Cheese Crisis!


Cheese Shop Cheese Trays008

Have you heard about the nation’s cheese backlog? The Wall Street Journal reports that it’s so bad this year, every man, woman, and child would need to eat an extra 3 lbs of cheese just to work through it!

Don’t panic! We can help out with the crisis. You can serve your country by visiting our cheese shops. We have the most educated cheesemongers you can find in the state of Ohio who can help you find new favorites or broaden your knowledge on some of the characteristics of the classics.

Shopping and working here gives me plenty of opportunity to eat and cook with some really good cheese.  When it starts to get hot outside and I look for ways to avoid heating up the kitchen when I get home from work, I love to put out a large platter of at least 3 cheeses. They usually including a soft-washed rind, a nutty, harder cheese, and maybe some type of blue variety. Then add some fresh fruit, a baguette, maybe a couple slices of good ham, and a nice bottle of wine—dinner is serve yourself, so good, and so easy!

Get out there and do your part – Eat More Cheese!