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Elements of a Great Thanksgiving Feast

feast (2)USE

The countdown is on. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and  as the panic begins to set in, rest easy, as DLM’s Chef Carrie has your back. DLM’s recipe database is robust, filled with chef-driven and Flavor First recipes that speak to DLM’s core standards. In preparation for the great feast, Chef Carrie dove spatula first into the recipe trove and combed through hundreds of appetizers, side dishes, and drink recipes to hand-pick her favorites to share with you. If you are looking to bring a unique twist to the table this year for the great feast, check ‘em out for yourself. 

appetizersPeople often associate the Thanksgiving meal with the traditional dinner where turkey and all the trimmings are served. But Chef Carrie says that there’s no reason why the culinary delight can’t start with appetizers. If you are hosting, this will provide a little something to tide over everyone’s appetites (and keep them out of the kitchen) while you put the finishing touches on dinner.


Sides-Landing-Page-ImageTired of the same ol’ mashed potatoes? Looking for a stuffing recipe with a new flavor profile? Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving at your home or are attending the great feast at someone else’s and bringing an accompaniment to the meal, sides are very likely on your mind. See below for some of Chef Carrie’s favorite takes on Thanksgiving side dishes.



Nothing says “Thanksgiving” like a delicious DLM Fresh Free-Range Turkey, brought to us by New Carlisle-based Bowman & Landes. The turkeys are free of added antibiotics and growth promotants, and are 100% vegetarian fed—no animal by-products in the feed!

There’s a number of cooking method’s to prepare a turkey and each family seems to have their own spin. But here’s how Chef Carrie recommends preparing your DLM Fresh Free-Range Turkey!

View the recipe or watch the video.


Set the stage for a delightful meal with a festive drink or bottle of wine to ignite a fun-filled atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to be playful with the presentation and add fresh fruit, such as fresh blueberries, apples, lemons, or cranberries to punches and ciders.


As you are busily making your holiday plans this season, breathe a sigh of relief as our team of expert bakers have been ramping up our pie baking. We take our pie baking seriously and it all starts with keeping quality front of mind and making pies we’d be happy to serve our own families (and many of us do!). Just like any good family recipe, many of our recipes have been perfected over the years until the flavor yields ultimate satisfaction with each bite.

These pies also are made using the freshest ingredients when possible, like fresh-cracked eggs, sugar, and whole cream. Our Grandma Tobias Pies and fruit pies are made with an all-butter crust (sans the hydrogenated oils).

Visit the Bakery and grab a pie to take to your gathering!

Looking to wow your guest with a festive table? View five tablescaping tips from a pro. 

New Healthy Breakfast Sandwich

chef_carrie_banner_672IMG_2666Start your day off right by choosing the best egg white breakfast sandwich in Dayton!

Our chefs start with an Ezekiel Sprouted Whole Grain English Muffin  that is rubbed with a little DLM Olive Oil. Then we layer on freshly cooked  organic egg whites, steamed spinach, oven-roasted tomatoes, and a little crumbled feta cheese. It’s not only flavorful and delicious, but will help keep you satisfied until lunchtime.

So wake up and come over to your favorite DLM – they are available at our Sandwich Stations and DLM‘s Coffee Bars all day.

 Bon appétit!




Hot Chocolate!

chef_carrie_banner_672Peppermint Hot Cocoa (5 of 4)I had the pleasure of creating a recipe for our new DLM Hot Cocoa Mix. Can I tell you how much fun it was playing around in the test kitchen with hot chocolate? I wanted the classic taste of hot chocolate, which means cocoa in all its glory. Deep, rich cocoa powder makes that classic hot chocolate taste we are all familiar with. A little sugar, a pinch of salt, and natural vanilla makes our new DLM Hot Cocoa Mix full of real, delicious ingredients I am proud of.

For the vanilla, I just had to use Madagascar Vanilla Powder for 2 reasons. The first is the simplest one- flavor. It’s simply the best vanilla powder on the market. (Think vanilla extract in powder form.) Secondly, we wanted this mix to be pantry stable, so I needed all dry ingredients – this fit the bill perfectly!

I wanted a little luxury in there for the true chocolate lover. Something a little special, but not over the top because this hot chocolate is for both children and adults alike. Open up a jar and you will find real chocolate buttons in there! It’s the same imported chocolate we use for making our killer brownies. It melts beautifully and adds a velvety, luxurious texture that adds a more rich flavor than ordinary hot cocoa mixes.

Simply heat up your favorite milk and stir in a couple of tablespoons. It also tastes delicious made with coconut, almond, or soy milk. Go all out and try it topped with our homemade marshmallows.

Bring on the snow!


Food Styling Fun


image1  Yesterday in the DLM Culinary Center, a couple talented folks got together and shot several versions of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner spreads. A lot of our photography is done in natural light, so folks were passing by wondering what in the world we doing “in the dark” with all of those table settings. Between the delicious smells and the hipster Christmas music, we had a blast mocking up yummy  dinner table scenes.

I was busy in the kitchen all day roasting off a 17-lb DLM Fresh, Free-Range Turkey, a Prime Rib, a whole New York Strip Roast, plus all of the fixings of holiday dinner. Setting it up, cooking, plating, and cleaning it up is quite a production. The only bummer was no husband or children to help with all of those dishes!!

Our good friend David McKibben designed our tablescapes with his array of vintage linens, dishes, glasses, and amazing serving utensils. It was fun to watch him work as he arranged different pieces that complemented each other, and the mood, perfectly. He even whipped up some pretty amazing arrangements using various stems from our Floral Department; I learn something every time we work together.

Next up our very own photographer Jessica, who takes all of those glorious photos that have helped our Market Report, posters, and social media look so beautiful, got to work capturing the scenes. After she’s got the glamorous shots, we have Jessie, Amy, Jessica, and Nick put them all together in many forms to shape the look of DLM.

Enjoy the behind-the-scenes look, and keep your eyes open to see if you can spot the finished products over the next couple of months. 


Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director



Soups Made From Scratch



Fall weather brings on soup season, and here at DLM we make them everyday from scratch. Not frozen, canned, or in a vacuumed sealed bag—just our excellent, high-quality ingredients and a little time. You can find a good variety served hot at our soup stations or even more of a selection in two sizes ready to take home and enjoy. I like to find my favorites & freeze them so I always can have something on hand that is comforting and delicious!

These are a couple of my favorites for fall that you’ll see in our rotation:

*View the soups we are serving today at each store!

Black Bean Pumpkin–Black Beans and pumpkin simmered with a little ham and finished with a little Spanish Sherry to make this soup deliciously different.

Minnesota Turkey: A Midwestern Classic–A thick and hearty wild rice soup made with our local turkey and slivered almonds.

Butternut Squash–A gorgeous & delicious vegan soup made with butternut squash and a splash of DLM’s own Apple Cider.

Italian Wedding Soup–Our famous meatballs (only smaller) and tender pasta make this soup a family favorite.

Split Pea–A rich and satisfying soup slowly simmered with DLM Uncured Bacon that is practically a meal in itself!


Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director

Celebrate Gluten Free: The Brown and Blond Bakery

We were very deliberate when affixing the word “celebrate” to the name of our annual Celebrate Gluten Free gathering where vendors will bring everything from gluten-free baked goods to skin-care items for attendees to test and taste. Quite often, people hear the word “gluten free” and cringe, assuming that gluten free means “fun free.” We beg to differ. You can have your brownie (gluten free, of course), and eat it, too.

The Brown and Blond Bakery2 CGF 2013

We caught up with Kathy Wegner of The Brown and Blond Bakery, one of the 20+ vendors who will be a part of Celebrate Gluten Free, happening 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. October 10, at DLM Washington Square. Here’s what she had to say:

1. What will you be sampling at Celebrate Gluten Free?  I will have samples of my Blondies and Dark Chocolate Brownies.


2. What makes your product unique in terms of how it appeals to the gluten free community? There are several things that make my mixes unique. They are truly gluten free because they are made without grains or any grain derivative. They also do not contain nut*, dairy, and soy ingredients—only all natural and some organic ingredients are used in the mixes. The Blondie and Brownies are also lower in calories than other box mixes, and the coconut and tapioca flours slows down sugar digestion which minimizes any sugar spike.

3.  Where is your business located?  Marysville, Ohio

4.  What is the most important aspect of your company that the gluten free community should know about? Purity is important to me because I have to be gluten free too.  My flours are certified gluten free and the other ingredients are direct from the original producers that are naturally gluten free. I make all of the mixes by hand in equipment that has only been used by my business.  There is no cross contamination when I produce the mixes.


5.  Why is it important to you that there are trusted gluten free products in this category? Those of us with a gluten sensitivity should be able to eat various foods with the assurance we won’t be hurt. Gluten causes problems in my brain and central nervous system, so I live a strict gluten free lifestyle. If I don’t feel I can trust something to be gluten free, I won’t eat it because the damage could last for months.

It’s Greek to me!

carrie-cooks-banner-672Greek Salsa (4 of 6)

Our annual Cheese Show is this week at our Springboro store. Maritza, Erika, Maureen, Todd, and I have been thinking of all sorts of creative ideas to make this show extra special.
One of the newest items making its debut at the show will be our Greek Salsa. Greek salsa is not a traditional dish, but it sure is delicious! All the best flavors from the sunny country of Greece are in this addicting salsa. Feta cheese, Kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh dill, and parsley tossed together in DLM’s own olive oil. Our chefs hand chop all of these ingredients so you’ll get full flavor of every ingredient in every bite!
In the DLM test kitchen, I’ll admit that our tasters ate the whole batch in record time on multigrain pita chips. But lately, I’ve been dreaming up grilling some fresh swordfish with a generous portion of this on top. This would also be delicious as a topping for DLM Hummus, grilled shrimp or chicken, or tossed with pasta. Look for it coming soon to your favorite DLM store!


Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director

Crisp Taste of Fall


Honeycrisp ApplesHoneycrisp apples (my favorite!) are piled up in our lobbies signaling that fall is finally here. Good riddance, 90-degrees days full of humidity!

I love these apples. Honeycrisp is “crispy” with a bright, sweet flavor. I like to buy a bunch because they will stay nice and crunchy hanging out in the bottom crisper of my refrigerator anytime I need a healthy & sweet snack.

As the season goes on, these apples can get quite large and almost too much. So when packing lunch, I like to cut them into slices and toss with a splash of orange juice before placing them in a Ziploc bag.  If I have any slices leftover, I add them to a green salad for dinner tossed with a little bit of DLM’s 100% Pure Maple Syrup and olive oil. Here is to fall and all of the delicious flavors that go with it!


Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director

Quest for Quinoa

carrie-cooks-banner-672Waldorf Salad-8 (Large)

In our Deli, you will find what I consider to be a perfect salad for quinoa, the Waldorf Quinoa Salad. For those of you who are already on the quinoa bandwagon, you will love it! For quinoa beginners, this salad is a great-tasting way to begin your quest. Sound like a professional foodie and pronounce it “Keen-Wa” not “Quinn-Noah”.

 All the flavors of classic the Waldorf salad are in there – minus the mayo and cool whip! Crunchy walnuts, crisp apples, sweet tart cranberries, and fresh baby spinach are tossed with quinoa and dressed with a balsamic dressing. It’s a salad that is full of fun textures and is so good for you. Ask our friendly associates for a taste; I am sure you will love it!


Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director




Fall is Back—Get in Class!


I love this time of year! It’s back to school for the kids and parents everywhere breathe a sigh of relief. Most folks start getting into the groove of a schedule and grocery shopping, menu planning, and cooking at home are back after the summer hiatus. 

To help stir your passion for food and new meal ideas, we’ve just released a sneak preview of our Fall Cooking Class roster. Registration opens at 10 a.m. Wednesday, September 2. Why not take a cooking class? They’re fun, interactive, and you get to enjoy food! I like to say everyone reaps the benefit of a cooking class—not only the cook but the lucky guests and family members who get to eat the results.

We have a huge variety of classes this autumn to choose from, like learning how to make your own sausages, rolling up sushi, or putting together a gingerbread house. Drop by your favorite DLM and pick up our new schedule or check it out online.



Chef Carrie Walters
DLM Culinary Director