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Become a Sour Puss!


blogJoin us in the pickle craze! What’s old is new again, and the ancient art of using a brine to help preserve fruits and veggies is back with a vengeance. This popular food trend isn’t going anywhere! Quite frankly, I hope it’s here to stay.

Whether you are from Portland, Brooklyn, or rural Ohio, you will be seeing it a lot more, showing up in food magazines, restaurant menus, and right here at DLM! Why not learn how easy it is to do in your home kitchen?

The DLM Culinary Center has picked up a new line of really cool (and colorful) fermentation kits for the home cook. The kits come complete with directions, recipes, and everything else you need to make your own kombucha, kimchi, pickles, and even sauerkraut!

Here are a couple good reasons you should become a sour puss:

 – Increase and extends your availability to Eat Local! A lot of our local produce can be available yearlong from your pantry- think beets, tomatoes, asparagus, onions, Swiss chard, mustard greens….

 – It’s really good for you! Fermented foods are great for your digestive track.

 – Pickled veggies and their brine make for a pretty good cocktail! (Brunch anyone?!)


Watermelon in Salsa?


The answer is YES! We’ve introduced our newest DLM fresh salsa highlighting our local watermelon. It’s cool, crisp, sweet, and a little hot!

 In the summer, I love serving watermelon salad as a main course. On a platter, layer a couple of  slabs of cold watermelon then pile crumbled feta, slivered red onion, pitted Kalamata olives, and some cold cocktail shrimp on top. Drizzle on some good olive oil, such as Vera Jane’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, and a showering of fresh mint or basil to finish it off and boom—dinner is done. It’s perfect: every bite salty, sweet, and just plain refreshing.

 With 90° right around the corner and grilling season here, why not feature some cool watermelon in a salsa?

 We toss fresh-cut ripe watermelon and crisp cucumbers together with a couple handfuls of  diced tomatoes. Fresh, zippy jalapeños are finely diced and thrown in with cilantro and lime juice. It’s so refreshing! Again like that salad, it has it all – sweet, hot, and crunchy just waiting for you to come up with a way to serve it!

 My favorite way to use watermelon salsa lately is dolloped onto freshly grilled fish like swordfish or any firm white fish. Another grill option for a warm/cold starter is grilling off a piece of halloumi cheese brushed with a little DLM Pure Olive Oil, and spooning that salsa right on top!

 Dig into summer with our new salsa!


Cast Iron Perfection!


blog 1

Just in! Check out our new line of heirloom quality cast iron cookware. Finex is a Portland, Oregon-based company that is doing so many things right.  Their design work for each pan is inspired by the best in vintage American cast iron skillets, but ready for everyday use in today’s modern kitchens.

The pans we brought in are designed to endure years of regular, everyday use. This cast iron is polished and seasoned for an easy-to-release surface that leaves more food on your plate and less in the skillet. The castings are thicker than other cast iron cookware to optimize modern searing techniques ( aka HIGH HEAT) for that perfectly seared steak. A beautiful, but practical spring handle is part of the integral design that is engineered to stay cooler so you can grip the pan while cooking.

I am excited to start using the square grill pan at home. My home grill cannot beat the sear marks that this excellent quality cast iron can give my steaks, fish, and chicken. Now I won’t have to battle the blasted heat and humidity while trying to get my backyard grill to perform the proper way. I can sear dinner right in my air-conditioned kitchen! Click here to learn the story behind Finex.

Happy hot summer!


Cheese Crisis!


Cheese Shop Cheese Trays008

Have you heard about the nation’s cheese backlog? The Wall Street Journal reports that it’s so bad this year, every man, woman, and child would need to eat an extra 3 lbs of cheese just to work through it!

Don’t panic! We can help out with the crisis. You can serve your country by visiting our cheese shops. We have the most educated cheesemongers you can find in the state of Ohio who can help you find new favorites or broaden your knowledge on some of the characteristics of the classics.

Shopping and working here gives me plenty of opportunity to eat and cook with some really good cheese.  When it starts to get hot outside and I look for ways to avoid heating up the kitchen when I get home from work, I love to put out a large platter of at least 3 cheeses. They usually including a soft-washed rind, a nutty, harder cheese, and maybe some type of blue variety. Then add some fresh fruit, a baguette, maybe a couple slices of good ham, and a nice bottle of wine—dinner is serve yourself, so good, and so easy!

Get out there and do your part – Eat More Cheese!




Add Veggies, Not More Carbs!


Local Produce in Basket

My college-aged daughter is a sometime vegetarian. That means in reality she just eats more carbs: cereal, baked goods, breads, pasta, lots of cheese, and, of course, pizza. She will eat some fish  and a tiny amount of some chicken. Behind closed doors, she is known to eat bacon and crispy sausage.

Do you have one of these types of eaters at home?

Sign them up for our teen cooking class called. “Hey Mom, I Want to be a Vegetarian.”  We hope to introduce them to some healthy legumes and grains to broaden their options,  and learn how to cook it for themselves! Register for this class, to be held on June 9 from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., by visiting our Culinary Center registration page. 


The Summer Culinary Center Schedule is HOT!

chef_carrie_banner_672Join us this summer if you share our passion for food and the relaxed, unhurried mind-set that epitomizes the summer season. We believe that vibrant color equals vibrant flavor and our classes celebrate the fresh, local, colorful food of summer. The summer registration starts today, May 12, 2016, so grab your calendar and start planning!

There is something for everybody at the DLM Culinary Center. Make sure your kiddos are kept busy on break by enrolling them in our Petite, Junior, or Teen classes. We cover a wide range of topics like, ‘Hey Mom, I want to be a Vegetarian’ to ‘Around the World’. What fun!

Or, grab a partner and try one of our Couples’ Classes, like Summer Surf & Turf, or Family Nights where you get hands-on instruction for a variety of cuisine.

New to the Culinary Center this summer is local food blogger Karri Perry. A native of Cincinnati and author of the blog Blue Ribbon Kitchen, she’s joining us this for Margaritaville at the Culinary Center to teach us how to make her award-winning Margarita Key Lime Pie (pictured below). And, of course, we’ll enjoy margaritas as we bake our pies to take home.

Karri Perry and Pie 012   chef-carrie-sig_300

Cook Dinner for Mom This Weekend!

chef_carrie_banner_672 grilled

Forget the busy restaurants and crowds and cook for Mom this Mother’s Day. You know  all she really wants is to spend time with family, and what a better way than around your dinner table?

We have gorgeous Prime beef available in fresh cut filet, rib eye, and NY strip steaks. They are so tender and juicy, all they really need is some sea salt and a couple grinds of black pepper.  So dust off that grill, set the table, and get cooking!

All the things that make Mother’s Day special are right here at DLM! Beautiful floral gifts, chocolates, pastries, artisan breads, and don’t forget to check out our huge selection of Rosé to make this Mother’s Day dinner one to remember.

momma2 chef-carrie-sig_300

Calling all Campers!

chef_carrie_banner_672Brothers Shoot (Joe and Jack 03)

Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to start making all those fun plans: family vacations, cookouts, and camp. The Culinary Center has quite the schedule to keep kids and teens busy this summer, learning new kitchen skills and exploring a world of flavor. We have camps for our Petite Chefs (grades 1-3), Junior Chefs (grades 4-6), and Teens (ages 12 & up).  Here are a few of our favorites:

Fantasy Camp
Petite Chefs (grades 1–3)
June 13–June 17 • 9:30–11:30 a.m.
These fun, creative menus are inspired by themes such as: The Wild West, Blue Ribbon Fair Favorites, Dinosaurs, Pirates & Mermaids, and Star Wars!

Around the World
Junior Chefs (grades 4–6)
July 18–July 22 • 9:00–11:30 a.m.
We’ll travel around the culinary world celebrating foods from these diverse countries: France, China, Italy, and England. We’ll conclude the week with a Mystery Basket Day where our young chefs will use their cooking skills to create their very own dishes.

Santa Cruzin’
Teens (ages 12 & up)
Sherry Monaghan • Thursday, July 7
Take a 2½-hour fantasy vacation in this class while you tap into these easy, breezy recipes that will excite your taste buds with a variety of flavors. Tostada Omelette & Seabreeze Spuds; Green Thang Smoothie; Chill Out Turkey-Bacon-Avocado Wrap; Wiki Wiki Pineapple Burger; and Lemon Drop Cookies.

View our complete schedule of classes, for kids and adults, by visiting our Culinary Center or online.



National Grilled Cheese Day – Everyday!


This past Tuesday, April 12, was National Grilled Cheese Day – a holiday I think can (and should) be celebrate more than once a year. The cheesy-buttery-crispy combination of a well-made grilled cheese sandwich is hard to beat and provides near instantaneous satisfaction to the beholder.

This weeknight, comfort-food classic has received quite a few face lifts over the years,  and the Sandwich Station has a number of unique variations of their own. The next time you’re feeling a little cheesy, stop by and try one of our different grilled cheese variations (a new one for almost every day of the week!):

This week we’re featuring our Kimchi Grilled Cheese (save $1 through Tuesday, April 19). We add the classically smooth flavor of Barber’s 1833 Vintage Cheddar Cheddar with kimchi (a spicy fermented cabbage condiment) for a flavor combination that might sound a little weird but is unbelievably delicious.

The Mac Daddy is the ultimate indulgence—Cheddar cheese, a slab of our Encrusted Macaroni and Cheese, and DLM Uncured Bacon all sandwiched together and grilled to perfection.

Back by popular demand is our classic Croque Monsieur, a French-style grilled cheese with Gruyère, béchamel, and French ham. So rich and decadent, you might want to split it with a buddy.

You can’t go wrong with The BCT: DLM Uncured Bacon, Cheddar, and tomato.

Or try our best selling Crazy Ludwig slathered with our Jarlsberg Dip and Bavarian ham all piled on our rustic Farmhouse Bread. YUM!

If you’re really feeling the need, the need for cheese, try the Trifecta. Barber’s Cheddar, Emmenthal Swiss, and DLM Fresh Mozzarella stacked on buttered DLM Unbleached White Sandwich Bread for melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness.


Dinner Inspiration on the Run



When I am out of ideas for dinner and in a hurry, I simply stand at our salad bar waiting for inspiration. Fast dinner ideas like stir-fry, all sorts of pasta add-ins, taco or fajita bar, and many other options for side veggies or fruit salads can be found right here.  Dinner last night is a good example.

I grilled some chicken and the rest was supplied by our salad bar. I tossed some spinach and arugula with roasted beets, crumbled blue cheese, and toasted pecans with DLM’s Housemade Raspberry Vinaigrette. I also threw some broccoli and cauliflower florets in a high-heat oven and roasted them with a little olive oil and salt and pepper. Voila! Dinner.

The key here for dinner is the time saved on washing, peeling, & chopping all of the veggies and fruits! Plus you only have to buy the quantity you need no matter how small.

See you at the salad bar!