July 2014

"Almost Like Thanksgiving" Turkey Soup Gluten Free
I wrote this recipe using stock items. I urge everyone to Take advantage of the fresh fruit and young coconut available now.

RAW + Gluten Free = Delicious
It was never Tricia Caldwell’s goal to become a raw food producer, but now that goal has been reached and Tricia can’t think of anywhere else she rather be. Tricia and Angela connected working out together at their local gym and Tricia started to share her raw food journey and how good she felt. She also shared her delicious snacks that she was making at home and Angela was blown away.

About three years ago the idea for their company came to life! Friend Suzanne created the name RAW and the concept of "real and wonderful" snacks and their company name was born and has been growing quickly..

We will be taste R.A.W.’s Dark Chocolate Cherry Nut Clusters and Superfood Nut Clusters. Tricia will also have a raw pizza to taste. Kevin from produce will demonstrate how to harvest fresh coconut water and meat from a young coconut I will make the Peach Mango coconut drink; this month’s featured recipe using the harvested water and coconut meat.

If all this seems too healthy, don’t worry traditional G-F treats will be available.

DLMGF Food Lovers' July Showcase
11th Annual Peach Party
The longer a peach remains on the tree, the higher the sugar content (brix) and the better the flavor. All DLM Tree-Ripened Peaches are hand selected and picked at the peak of perfection. Next, they are gently placed on a slowly moving belt which passes under a device that measures the brix of each fruit. Those with the higher brix of 11 to 13 are separated and given further special treatment. Finally, they are hand packed in boxes that protect each individual peach. These special peaches become the celebrities of the DLM Peach Party. Each produce manager at DLM measures the brix level of our peaches daily. Other stores sell peaches in the 8 to 10 range; while our extraordinary tree-ripened party peaches register at 11 to 13, or more on the brix scale.

The DLM Peach Party is happening NOW! You are invited, come to the party—sink your teeth into a DLM Tree-Ripened Peach.

Melissa's Sweet Young Coconut
This young sweet coconut has tender flesh and a surprise inside-fresh coconut water!

1.Carefully cut a square around the point of the coconut with a meat cleaver. You really need to use some force. Do this on a strong table surface.

2.Crack a hole through the exposed shell and pry off the circular crown.

3.Pour out the coconut water.

4. Scoop out the tender coconut meat from the inside.

Add to your smoothie. Remember coconut meat is where coconut fat is stored.

Garden of Life Real Vanilla Raw Meal
Why raw-live probiotics and enzymes are preserved by a low processing temperature. The plant proteins in Raw Meal contains all the essential amino acids with a bioavailabilty of 98.2% and provides 40% of the fiber suggested as the DV when used as a meal. Remember all real food based products contain calories; Raw Meal as a meal has 310 calories, as a snack 145 calories.
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