February 2014

Apple-Pecan Breakfast Bake Gluten Free
The ingredients in this recipe were so appealing when Caroline spoke with me, I asked her to share the recipe this month with all Club members and have included it with our other gluten-free recipes online. Caroline will have samples of this breakfast treat at the meeting.

Exciting News–Our Culinary Center (formerly the School of Cooking) is closed for a complete remodel, so our next meeting this Saturday, February 8 from 3-4:30 p.m. will be in the COMMUNITY ROOM AT OUR SPRINGBORO LOCATION , 740 N. Main St. Springboro, Ohio. Experience Caroline’s book,The Gluten-Free Revolution: A Balanced Guide to a Gluten-Free Lifestyle through Healthy Recipes, Green Smoothies, Yoga, Pilates, and Easy Desserts! We will sample Caroline’s Apple-Pecan Breakfast Bake, the best-ever dessert for breakfast. But there is more; Fitness: Scoring the Gluten-Free Bod. As Caroline says, “We know that booty isn’t going to lift and tone itself. That’s why I approach gluten-free living as an entire lifestyle not simply a dietary change.” Copies of Caroline’s book will be available for purchase.
Éban's Bakehouse Mississippi Mud Cake
Éban's Bakehouse Mississippi Mud Cake is a dark chocolate, fudgy brownie topped with toasted marshmallows, butter-salted toasted pecans, and chocolate buttercream frosting. It comes in a dangerously decadent 4-oz portion.

This best-ever Mississippi Mud Cake is now available at all three DLM locations. Want to sample the cake? Be sure to come to the meeting this Saturday. You may also want to check out their new packaging featuring nutrition facts, safety seals, and bright, bold colors.

DLM 100% Pure Maple Syrup–US Grade-A Dark Amber
Maple syrup is one of the reasons I find the Apple-Pecan Breakfast Bake such an appealing recipe. I love dark maple syrup. Grade-A Dark Amber is very dark and has a stronger maple flavor than the light amber. DLM 100% Pure Maple Syrup is a tasty example of this variety. I find this grade and color the best for cooking and baking. Maple syrup can be substituted for granular sugar in baked goods by following these rules of thumb: For each cup of granulated sugar, use 1-1/2 cup of maple syrup; reduce other liquids in the recipe by about one-half; add 1/4 teaspoon baking soda for each cup of maple syrup; and decrease oven temperature by 25°F.
Keys Skin Care Products
All Keys products list Therapy Facts which are formatted similarly to the USDA Nutrition Facts panel. This label lists ingredients and their individual functions, purpose, and instructions for use. My two favorites are MetaCare and Solar Rx. Between them they treat twenty-three skin issues. I appreciate these products because they completely control my itchy skin, rosacea, and inflamed skin. I have not been diagnosed with Dermatitis Herpetiformis; however, I do develop an extremely itchy rash with a very similar look around the holidays. Both MetaCare and the spray version RediCare clear the rash. Samples will be available at the meeting.

Also, use your Club DLM card and you will earn 100 Bonus Points with every Keys purchase in the month of February!
Some items in this month’s newsletter are wickedly decadent. I want to be responsible and list some sites that reinforce healthy habits. Everyone should be keeping a journal of what you eat and how it makes you feel. This is the only way you will discover possible gluten exposure and hidden calories. I have open accounts with all three of these FREE sites:

My Fitness Pal

This free calorie counter and diet and exercise journal is my favorite because I can scan an item’s barcode and the nutrition data is uploaded directly into my food diary.

Self’s Nutrition Data

Find nutrition facts, including food labels, calories, nutritional information, and analysis that helps promote healthy eating by informing you about the foods you eat.


A customizable weight-loss program where you can get expert support & advice.
DLM Gluten-Free Food Lovers' Club
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