Why Is It Called Jack's Grill?

By: Norman Mayne | CEO
On: November 19, 2013

Many of you have enjoyed a delicious burger or freshly grilled piece of fish or meat from Jack’s Grill. Maybe you’ve even wondered the question that I’ve been asked manytimes: “Who is Jack?” or “Why is it called Jack’s Grill?”

The grill is named after our very own Jack Gridley, a familiar, friendly face behind the meat counter. Jack has been a member of the DLM family for almost 40 years. With a strong passion for great quality food, Jack has spearheaded many of our creative initiatives during his years at DLM. One of them was his idea of installing a grill in the store so you could simply choose a piece of fish or any meat cut, take it to the grill, and have them season and cook it any way you like for no charge. We loved the idea as soon as we heard it.

When the Springboro store opened in 2002, Calvin decided we should dedicate the grill area after him. The night before the grand opening, Calvin walked out with the electrician and the neon sign proudly displaying “Jack’s Grill.” Jack was truly touched and at a loss for words. Since then, “Jack’s Grill” has expanded to the other two stores and he has created a number of grilling products and sauces such as Jack’s Grill Chipotle Grilling Sauce and Jack’s Grill Grapeseed Oil.

Thank you, Jack, for this wonderful idea and for being a part of the DLM family for so many years.