The Dreaded Product Recall

By: Norman Mayne | CEO
On: September 28, 2013

Product recalls seem to happen far too often. What happens at DLM when we get word of a product recall? The dreaded alert has our Recall Team hopping to action when the news hits their desks. It begins with running a movement report for all three stores to see if we carry the product. Once it is determined we do indeed carry the item, we check the shelves and remove the recalled item. We put the recall on our website. It has all of the details for every recalled item during the past two years.

How do we let you know if you have purchased the product? Your Club DLM card allows us to see if you have purchased a recalled product during a particular time frame. Once this list is made, we personally call every customer, or if we have their email we send them a notice that same day. If the phone number is disconnected or the email address is invalid, we send a letter. We take great pride in offering the best customer service and part of this is focusing on food safety and quality of life. Thank goodness we have the ability to communicate with our customers far more efficiently than in years gone by.

“I recently received a call from DLM informing me that a product I had purchased was recalled due to a seal failure. DLM’s immediate action and great service are why I shop there! Thanks DLM.”
–Michael, Kettering