Boomerang Theory

By: Norman Mayne | CEO
On: August 14, 2013

A customer approached me and asked, “What’s with the boomerangs?” While shopping here, you may have noticed that many associates have a golden boomerang on their hat, name badge, or collar. Everyone receives it at orientation, and some have been wearing theirs for more than 25 years!

Why are they wearing a boomerang? Well, this idea came from a Grocer friend in Dublin, Ireland—Feargal Quinn, a leader in customer service and a really cool guy. Currently serving as a senator in Ireland, you can read more of his interesting story on Wikipedia (

He grew up working on school breaks at his father’s Red Island “holiday camp” just outside Skerries on the coast of Northern County Dublin. It was a wonderful place to bring he family and participate in organized activities such as swimming or boating. It was a place where families made asting memories and had relaxing vacations. Feargal’s ather always taught him that the most important thing was to do whatever it takes to make your guests happy so they will want to come back to ”holiday camp” the next year.

Learning from his experiences at the “holiday camp”, Feargal often said “Operating a business should be like throwing a boomerang – If you do it right, the boomerang will come back.” Thus, the boomerang theory. Wearing the boomerang reminds us to treat every one of you right so you’ll want to come back.

One of the most important things I’ve learned from my career at DLM is that we need good associates working here more than they need us. One of the reasons we have good folks working for us is that they have bought into the “Boomerang Theory.”

We’re thankful Feargal thought of this many years ago and shared it with us. We’re also thankful for all of you folks who choose to shop at Dorothy Lane Market.